Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Companion & Smashed New Car - 12/8/14

Our poor (new) car
"I am 16, Going on 17!"

I am doing great! How are you? That sounds like the Christmas devotional was really good. We have yet to see it, and I'm not sure If we will be able to see it. 

This week was really good. Transfers went smoothly. Elder Caldwell is awesome. He is an amazing missionary and a really cool guy. Driving to to Wiener Neustadt to pick up our new car was good (3 hours each way) and the new car is a ton better than the other one. The car is an Opel Meriva and it is automatic. Funny story about that though, haha. So we got the car and brought it back home on Friday. On Saturday morning we went out to go do service for Frau L, and someone had crashed into the car in the parking lot. The back right tire has a huge hole in it, and there are scrapes all over near the tire on the body of the car. Yeah, so that was interesting. No note either, so we went to the cops and had them check it out, and talked to the mission office a lot. We had to walk really far on Saturday to get everything done, and sadly, we had to cancel a lot of appointments. Now we are driving around with a "summer tire" along with the 3 winter tires, so that is interesting. We can't get it repaired today either because today is a holiday here. (Some Catholic holiday called Marias Empfängis). But yeah, it has been an adventure - that is for sure. 

P's baptism is on December 21. There are still some things we need to go over with him before than, so we are hoping we can meet with him a few times before then and finish everything up. All of our investigators are doing really well. HT, P, HY, and L were all in church yesterday, which was really cool. 

We had a decent amount of appointments before Elder Evans left. On Monday we were at F's where we ate a really good Italian rice that he made. HY was also there and we talked about the scriptures. We had district meeting on Tuesday, and than we went and met with Familie WD which was a ton of fun. 

On Wednesday we met with Bischof Roth for breakfast, and then we met with Schwester H for lunch, and then with Familie ZB for Dinner. After we went by on HT. So yeah, we ate a lot at members' homes. 

We took a lift overlooking Salzburg last Pday and it was really good. Today we want to visit the castle in Salzburg with the District. So we will see if we get there! Elder Caldwell came from an area in Austria, Bruck an der Mur. He is really awesome and hard-working. I am loving working with him, so that is really great!

We actually got to visit another market last Monday. I have not yet gotten my Christmas package; I get that on Thursday when we have Christmas Conference. Funny thing is, my district was chosen to sing "Sprachst Du Ein Gebet?" ("Did You Think To Pray?") at the conference. So that will be fun. We had to choose a soloist from our district, and Elder Plumb will do it, as he can sing really good. 

We have not gotten any snow yet. Haha, that wouldn't be too great, because of our tire situation. We have 1 summer tire on, haha. It has just been a pretty crazy week, with transfers, car issues and so on. But it has been good! I love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Ridd
District Pic in Salzburg 

Elder Ridd & Elder Cavin
Christmas market in Salzburg
Family WD
The new ride - Scarlett is her name 
Only 19 KM hah! (Brand-new car!)
Elder Ridd & Elder Caldwell - New Companions
New District Picture!
Back Row: Elder Caldwell, Elder Plumb, Elder Kingery, Elder Lyman, Elder & Sister Smith
Front Row: Sister Winters, Sister Wilkes, Elder Ridd, Elder Cavin

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