Monday, December 1, 2014

New Companion & Old Friends - 12/1/14

HT and Elder Ridd
The District!
Elder Ridd and Elder Cavin
Hey Mama & Pops! 
Haha, the Austrian Ridd is doing well. Elder Evans is headed to the office in Munich, to work with the computers and tickets and so on. And I am going to get Elder Caldwell! He served in Esslingen when I was working in Tübingen. He is 1 transfer older than me which is pretty cool.  I am way excited and I think that it will be great. I will be remaining the DL here in the district. Something else cool - our new Zone Leader in Salzburg is.....Elder Plumb! Elder Cavin and I are way excited to have him in the District, as he was in the Schwenningen apartment with us. Not much other transfer news besides what I have already said. There are a ton of missionaries - especially sisters - headed home this transfer. They had to close 6 sister areas, so that's a lot.  

Church was really good. It was Elder Evans' last here in Neumarkt, so we have about 200 appointments up until he leaves. It will be a pretty busy week and will fly by. HT, P, and L were in church this week. Our investigators are doing really well. 

Frau B (from Schwenningen) emails me. She is doing really well and went to a temple trip this last week for Stake Conference. She said she loved it so I am so excited that she is still doing well and going to church and remaining very active. She is so cool. I need to send Dr. S another letter, but last I heard from him was the beginning of this last transfer. He is still in Tübingen, but will be leaving to China shortly. 

We did teach F this last week as well, and he does come to church. We will actually be meeting with him and HY tonite. We taught in second hour of church this week. F and HT were in our class, and our GML Elias Roth mainly taught the lesson, with our support. 

Thanksgiving was interesting. We got to Salzburg for the dinner. We knew that we wouldn’t have a ton of time to stay, but right when they said the prayer to bless the food we had to leave. So we missed it - haha. But Sister and Elder Smith, our Missionary couple, are awesome and brought us the food the next day for inspections. 

Interviews went well with President Kohler. It was weird to have interviews again; they come pretty fast! I think my interview was around 10 minutes.

I actually did a ton of service this week - but not in my area! I was on exchange with Elder Kingery and we did 2 moves while I was on exchange, then we exchanged back. That was really good!

For Pday today we are headed to Salzburg. We need to print out some pictures and then we are going to take a lift up on a mountain overlooking Salzburg. The weather isn’t great - it's rainy and foggy - but I think we are still going to do it anyway. We are planning on doing that with the current Salzburg elders. Something else cool this week is that I get to drive to Wiener Neustadt on Friday with my new comp, Elder Caldwell. It is a 3-hour drive and we are headed there to pick up a new car. So I get to pick up a new car and drive it off the lot -that will be fun. 

Thanks for the great email! I hope you have an excellent week. I love you tons!
Elder Ridd
Kinder punch with the elders in the district (Non-alkoholisch punsch)
Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)
My desk, with the lights you sent

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