Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! 1/5/15

Happy New Year! 
The start of 2015 has been great! I hope you also had a great start of 2015. It is really weird that it is 2015. The time doesn't stop! But that is awesome about Luke being 18. So weird though. I just remembered that I am not 18 anymore. Sounds like it was a really good day for him. Gotta love the chocolate Bundt cake!

We have just been moving on with the work the best that we can! It is going good, and we had the opportunity to teach a lot this last week. The meeting appointments went really well, besides a few that fell out. Sadly we won't be able to meet regularly with all of them. One is really cool and really promising, but he is always working and doesn't really have time to meet. So that is sad. The other just doesn't want to change his religion. But hey, you can't win them all - haha. During the first lesson with people we usually set out expectations and explain our purpose, as well as teach an overview of our message, so that is what we did for the new people that we met with. 

Church was great. Everyone made it today, meaning HT, HY, P and L! So that was awesome. P is officially the newest member of the ward here in Neumarkt and that is really awesome. 

It has been snowing, and driving in the snow is quite fun. I haven't really slid around a lot yet which is good. We did get stuck once but we got out pretty fast - haha. We have been shoveling other peoples walks for service but have yet to shovel ours. The boots work great, thanks though! 

All the Christmas stuff in Austria is still up. Elder Caldwell and I cleaned up our decorations today, so we now have everything put away, but tomorrow is Drei Könige Tag, which is also a holiday, so I am guessing they will start cleaning up after that. Some people do put lights on the outside of the homes and decorate, and yes, they put real candles on the trees. They only light them for like 6 seconds and then blow them out on the 24th though. 

This week we ate with the L family and with the M family. We ate Raclette at the M home for Silvester (New Year's Eve). Raclette is kind of similar to fondue... but not really. Haha, it is kind of difficult to explain. 

That is really cool about Luke's old manager coming to church. I didn't bear my testimony today, but HT did! That was really cool. He is such an amazing dude! 

And yes, we find out about transfers on Saturday. They're on Thursday the 15th I think... I have to double check. District meeting went really well. We talked about finding, as well as the Book of Mormon. I gave a part about finding, and then asked Sister Winters to talk about the Book of Mormon. 

Elder Caldwell is really a great missionary and a cool guy, so we get along fine! We are reading now in the Book of Mormon. We have a mission read for the new year, and we will be reading it in 6 months. We will finish the 1st of July. And I am only reading in German these days. 

Have an amazing week and thanks so much for all the support and love you send me! Thanks for being amazing parents and strengthening my testimony on how much the Gospel blesses families! If there is anything you want from Austria, let me know!
Love you,
Elder Ridd

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