Monday, February 16, 2015

Mission Tour and MLC - 2/16/15

All the Mission Leadership (ZLs or Assistants) and Office Elders (4)
MTC Group at Mission Tour
Good Morning!
Everything is going great today! This Pday we are just doing the usual, haha. I think that we will just be playing basketball and soccer at the church. But that is way fun! I am always excited to do that. 

The week was great. Mission Tour was a ton of fun and Elder Kearon is such an amazing dude. He is way cool and it was even cooler to be with him in a small setting the next day for Mission Leadership Council. He is such a loving and thankful guy. He told us that he was thankful for us about 100 times. The week was so good. I really loved the meetings and we are trying to create a sense of mission culture in the mission…”A Culture of Happiness and Optimism.” This is something that a lot of the missionaries are lacking, so we are really excited to try and create this culture in the mission. 

It was cool seeing Elder Plumb and Elder Cavin there and talking to them again. Elder Sharp and these two are such great friends of mine. 

That is really cool that you got to go to the temple and visit with the Cranes! I bet it was fun to catch up and see them in the House of the Lord. Sounds like a really good experience!

That is awesome about Kaisha's homecoming. Sounds like she enjoyed herself! The mission is for sure an awesome experience. That is cool that she had a lot of service opportunities. That is also really great that you made it to Connor's homecoming as well. That is interesting about the people not accepting service if they were asked, but cool that the missionaries served anyway when they saw the need. Service truly does create a good relationship. It shows people that we really don’t want anything in return and they can recognize us as disciples of Jesus Christ easier. Cool!

That is also great news that Zach is going to head on a mission. Good stuff! Costa Rica is an amazing place. He will have fun there! 

JW is okay. We didn’t teach him this week. We were gone for a lot of the week though, but we set up an appointment for tomorrow. Sadly I will be on exchange and will miss it! Oh well, at least we are meeting with him. 

A is doing good. We actually went to an appointment with Frau D, and he ended up being over at her place, so we taught both of them over there. We read Mosiah 24 with them and talked about how the people received strength from the Lord to carry their burdens, and the burdens were not immediately lifted. It went really well! (Click to read Mosiah 24:15)

S CAME TO CHURCH! Yay! We hadn’t had contact with him for awhile but he showed up to church. It was awesome. We also were invited to a member’s home with him after church and it went well. We gave him a Priesthood blessing and we will have a lot more contact with him. 

We met with a girl named C as well. She is cool but she is really busy with school and such until April, so hopefully we will pick everything up in April. We also taught a lot of less-actives this week. Plus, we taught the Family S and also helped them move a refrigerator. We also taught another guy, who we meet with often. He is doing well and still trying to give up smoking. 

It is still pretty cold here, but not too bad. Must be nice to have warm weather. 

I felt the Spirit strongly at MLC and Mission Tour this week. Those two are definitely the highlights of the week. The meetings were both just so good. It was also awesome to see my friends. I got to see the whole MTC group in those 2 days - all the Elders on the first day, and then Sister Gilmore on the second (she is a Sister Training Leader in Zürich). Good stuff! 

Elder Kearon’s talk is really good, isn't it! He is even more amazing in person. He really is in tune with the Spirit and loves God. (Note from Mom - click here to listen or watch Elder Patrick Kearon's talk from October 2010 General Conference, or here for a short 2-minute video version of the message!) 

Cool that Lukie will be helping you in teaching Primary! Man, he is old! He has a calling!

Love you! Thanks for the great email! Have an amazing week, and you are loved as well!
Elder Ridd
Photo credit: Sister Shelley Bushman. Thanks!

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