Monday, February 9, 2015

Teaching Up A Storm! aka The Miracle of the Rice Cooker - 2/9/15

AP Tausch - Stuttgart
L-R: Elder Nielson, Elder Sharp, Elder Kroes, Elder Ridd
Elder Ridd and Elder Kroes (from Germany), on exchange
Elder Ridd and Elder Kroes, along with the rice cooker they saved
Elder Ridd and Elder Pingel, on Tausch in Stuttgart (MTC friends)
My week has been really good and I am doing excellent. We taught 13 lessons this week, so that was pretty cool! Hahah, the Pdays keep coming. Time is actually going faster than ever - especially when we have been having 2 exchanges every week. I cannot believe that we are already almost to both the Mission Tour and the next transfer.....time sure does seem to fly. The busy week went really well. First I was on exchange with Elder Kroes, who was replacing one of the APs. Elder Kroes is a great missionary from Germany. We got along great and are now way good buddies. So we had a great exchange. Then I worked with Elder Pingel on Thursday to Friday and that was also really good. He is from my MTC group, so that was cool to work with him. 

Church was great. The B family came and we also met with them on Saturday. They are doing really good. Frau D is doing okay. Sadly, she cancelled twice on us, so we didn’t get to teach her this week. We have no idea how S is doing - we had an appointment but sadly, he cancelled as well.

JW is quite the dude, for sure. He and Arnold were training buddies back in the day. We are working on meeting with him again this week. A is also doing good. He had a ton of people over at his place when we taught, which distracted him a bit, but besides that he is pretty solid. 

The biggest thing that happened this week? Good question! So many cool things happen every week. I really loved the exchange I had with Elder Kroes. He is such a champ. A miracle that happened this week was that the Sisters were going on exchange, and Sister Bushman was working with Sister Erdensogt (a sister in Tübingen). They were coming back from the meeting point to Stuttgart, and got out of the train to buy a ticket. Sadly they forgot a bag on the train, containing the rice cooker from Sister Zaugg (Sister Z and her husband are the missionary couple in Stuttgart). The Sisters gave us a call and asked me if we were in the area from Bahnhof (Train Station) so maybe we could catch their train and find their bag. They said that the train would be there in about 15 minutes, haha. So we headed there and tried to find the right train. We got on the right one and found the rice cooker and got back off. So we saved Sister Zaugg's rice cooker! Haha, that was a pretty interesting little adventure and miracle. 

We also had a lot of cool lessons. We met with someone new named WS. He used to meet with the missionaries, and we gave him a call to see if he would have interest. He said yeah. He is pretty cool. 

We also met with a man from Cameroon named W. He is studying here and speaks pretty good German. He was a referral from Frankfurt. He's quite interested, but he is really busy until his semester is over, so we will resume meeting with him then.  

J is a new convert who was baptized in Brazil and moved here. So we go over "Duty to God" with him and we are working on teaching his parents, who aren’t members. So that was also a lot of fun! He lives about 20 or 30 minutes away from Stuttgart.

We will be meeting with Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy this week, so we are pretty excited about that.  

I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for the great email. Thanks for all that you do!
Love you tons,
Elder Ridd

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