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Transfers! 2/23/15

Huge church in Munich
Rittersport Chocolate Factory
(Haha - Elder Harvey and Elder Sharp!)
Elder Plumb and Elder Ridd (MLC)
Elder Ridd and Elder Cavin
Elder Ridd & Elder Killpack - on exchange
Elder Ridd and Elder J. Smith (MLC)
Hey Mama! 
I am doing great! This week was really good but also really busy. We had two exchanges back-to-back...and when I say back-to-back, I mean back-to-back - haha. I exchanged on Tuesday with Elder Killpack (by the way, Elder Killpack is from Oak Ridge, Texas! He was born there and then his family moved to Utah. They know the Manns really well! I don’t know if you know them); and then we exchanged back at 10am on Wednesday. Then right after this I exchanged with Elder Werner in Ludwigsburg at around 1, so Elder Sharp and I were together for 3 hours and then we went on another exchange. We also had transfer calls on Saturday, which was a ton of fun. I like calling people in the Zone and telling them what their fate is for the next 6 weeks - haha. Good stuff. (Elder Ridd is staying in Stuttgart with Elder Sharp). 

Today for Pday we were on the American base as well as at the Rittersport chocolate factory. It was a ton of fun and the whole district was there. We did teach a lot of people this week and we set two baptismal dates: one with JW, the body builder; and also a baptismal date with WS, who is another pretty new investigator of ours. So that was really good! We also found a lot of new people this week that could potentially turn into investigators. We are meeting with a really cool Chinese guy named G, who knows the church is true and will probably get baptised next transfer, so that is also way awesome! Lots of potential here in Stuttgart!

That is neat about Luke teaching Primary with you. I bet that is a lot better with the kids. Not that he is intimidating, but maybe his being there helps them behave! 

We saw JW's book in a bookstore as we walked by!
All the meetings were really awesome. There are definitely some people in the zone that are lacking optimism, so we are trying to really work on that. We are implementing it through the District Leaders; that is the key to get it to the whole Zone. We have District Leaders who are generally happy and positive guys, and we are trying to have them make an extra emphasis on being positive and happy, as well as maybe talking about it in a District Meeting. We are also brainstorming about what more we can do. And of course we are trying the best to be good examples of being positive and happy.  :)  If you have some good quotes on happiness or positivity I would love it if you sent them over.  :)

Sounds like a really cool trip to St. George. Thanks for the pictures! You two look great. I will send some pictures over this week. It has been hard to send - haha, sorry. I email at a different place almost every week, depending on where we are, and not all places have ports. 

The investigators are doing great! They are making progress so that is really cool to see. I don’t get to teach them all every week, as sometimes I am working in other areas in the Zone. It is really funny, because the investigators in our area get to see new missionaries all the time. Either I am gone or I'm here with a random missionary that the investigators don’t know, or Elder Sharp is gone or he's here with another missionary that our investigators don’t know. But it has been going really good! 

And yeah - transfers are interesting. We get an email with the transfers on it the Friday before transfer calls, and then we call everyone the next morning and let them know what is happening. The only people we don’t call are the missionaries going Zone Leader or Sister Training Leader. But there were no Zone Leader slots filled in Austria or Germany, so we called everyone this transfer. Next transfer I will be getting a new comp, since this is Elder Sharp’s last transfer.  Weird! But there are a lot of missionaries moving around. I couldn’t tell you the number off the top of my head. I would guess around 10 to 15 moves? 

Thanks for the great email! I love you tons and am thankful for all you do. Have an amazing week! 
Elder Ridd
Fasching (Click here for more info on Fasting or Carnival in Germany)
Carnival Stuttgart (Fasching)
Random street performers

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