Monday, February 2, 2015

Week of Exchanges - 2/2/15

Elder Ridd and Elder Guzzwell. Finding Day in Göppingen.
"It is his first transfer! He is still a baby! (On the mission)." 
Elder Ridd and Elder Weight - on exchange
Elder Ridd and Elder Georgiev - on exchange
The Boxer, with Elder Ridd and Elder Sharp
Liebe Mutti and Pops!
This week was really good and pretty dang busy. We were all over the place but it was still a really good week and we still got a lot done in our area. This next week we will also have some exchanges, but luckily I will be staying in Stuttgart for the exchanges and will have a little more time to work with our investigators.

Church went really well on Sunday. I translated during the second hour for an investigator family, the B family. They are from the Ivory Coast and we are hoping that they might be baptised in the next transfer.

We met with both the Boxer and the Bodybuilder this week. They are both doing okay. Frau D is also doing pretty good. Sadly, S didn’t answer his calls or his door this week, so we don’t know exactly how he is. But I hope he is doing fine!

The exchanges went really well. First we went down to Göppingen on Tuesday for their District Meeting, and then we had a Finding Day there - which means 2 hours of streeting and dooring. I was paired up with a Golden, Elder Guzzwell, and we found 5 people so that was awesome. He was way excited about it! Afterwards I took Elder Weight, the companion of the District leader in Göppingen, and went back to Stuttgart. We worked for that day and then met back in Göppingen. It went really well. Then on Thursday I worked with Elder Georgiev from Bulgaria in Ellwangen. We got some good lessons in and had a great member appointment. And after that we got to work in our area together on Saturday and Sunday so that was also awesome.

That is way cool about Luke giving a talk at his friend’s baptism. Good stuff! And that is also cool that Hayden will make it to EFY. That will be fun. 

That is cool that the Superbowl has already happened. Weird, I didn’t think it was already that time. Elder Caldwell was a big Pats fan; I am sure he is pretty stoked with the result of the game.

We are going to play sports this Pday again. We were going to go to Rittersport and then go to the American Base, but the member cancelled because of snow. So we are all going to play sports instead. It’s not even that snowy...We did get a decent amount of snow this last week. It was pretty nice, because it just kept falling and didn’t really stick. Looks like this week is going to be pretty chilly as well. 

This week we have an exchange with the Assistants tomorrow, and then we also have an exchange with Esslingen on Thursday. I will be working with Elder Pingel, from my MTC group, in Stuttgart on Thursday. He is the DL in Esslingen right now so that will be fun.
We had a baptism in the Zone, in Waiblingen this week, so that was way cool. Our Zone is doing really well. And then next half the mission meets in Munich, for Mission Tour. A member of the Seventy will be coming. After everyone heads back, except for the ZLs and the Sister Training Leaders. We will stay overnight in Munich and then have Mission Leadership Council with the member of the Seventy. So we are excited for that as well. Some rumors are going around that ipads will be coming to the mission, but I doubt it. I have heard those rumors from the beginning of the mission but I guess we will see. (Mission Tour is on the 12th, and MLC is on the 13th.)

Love you tons! Thanks for all the awesome support and all you do. Have a great week!
Elder Ridd
The Bodybuilder's Mr. Olympia medal
Elder Harvey and his root beer float, while on exchange

Lamborghini (while on exchange with Elder Harvey)
View from the Ellwangen apartment

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