Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Record Week! 3/23/15

On Killesberg for Pday
Interesting park at Killesberg
View from Killesberg
I have had a great week. The missionary work is going fabulous in our area and zone! This week Elder Sharp and I set 3 more baptismal dates, and now we are at a total of 5 so that is awesome. We have WG, JW, a lady we found this week named Frau H; also Frau D and a new guy named KD on board! So it was a really, really good week. WG is doing okay, he is kinda wishy-washy and questions and doubts things. We keep stressing how he needs to just ask God himself on different things, but he keeps over-thinking. Oh well, we hope he can still stay on track! Elder Sharp is doing well. It is starting to sink in that he only has 2 weeks left, but that isn’t affecting him and we are working harder than ever.

This week for Pday, haha, umm…well I need to cut my hair. When I pull it down in the front it goes past my eyes - haha. Woops. So I will do that for sure, and then we are not too sure. We might go to a chapel overlooking Stuttgart, but we will see. I did take some photos from last week. No worries. And yeah, the city is okay. It is kind of a big industrial city, but still European so that is cool. The weather looks pretty gray today so far.

Church was good. One of our new investigators, KD, came to church. He is really cool and has a baptismal date on the 10th of May right now. He is working hard. That is really cool that you were at the baby blessing. I bet that was nice to see. Olive looks so little and cute, haha. 

The investigators are doing good. We have a lot of new ones. I already wrote about WG, who’s doing pretty good. Sadly we didn’t get to meet with JW this week. He is a hard guy to get an appointment with, but we are still working with him and keeping good contact. Frau D is also doing well and has a baptismal date now - on the 18th of June.

I'm doing really well with allergy-wise. They seemed to go away after Pday. But it’s definitely good not to be stuffy. You sound really weird when you speak German with a stuffy nose, hahaha. 

I had an exchange with the other Stuttgart Elders this week. I worked with Elder Wiberg, who is in his 5th transfer. So that’s always fun. We were in his area, so I got to follow him around and he got to take the area over for a day. We ended up finding 9 people on that exchange! The Zone morale is really good - at least when we are with them it is. Our Zone also broke the 5-year record for the number of lessons we taught this week!

I am way excited for General Conference. It is always so uplifting and there are always amazing insights. Those leaders truly are inspired! I get to see it a little after it happens but on the same weekend. Last time we did get to watch a few of the other sessions, but not all of them. That is okay though, because we read them in the Ensign/Liahona. 

Haha. so Dad is still the Speed Scrabble champ! I am afraid he will beat me when I get home. My English vocabulary isn’t what it used to be.  

I am eating well! I had steak twice this week, which was awesome.  We probably get fed once or twice a week. But this last week was pretty good! We ate some good Gulasch yesterday.

Thanks for all that you do. You are the best! Hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd
Chilling by a mall in Stuttgart
Apple pie that the W family fed us
JPC took us out to dinner and bought us steak!
We met with an American family on exchange and they fed us steak as well! Week of steak! 

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