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Busy, Busy, Busy! 3/16/15

Elder Sharp and Elder Ridd.
*Photos courtesy of JPC, new friend & investigator - thanks!
These photos are taken in a sweet Chinese garden, near the Young Adult Center (Institute of Religion)

Hey Mom and Dad!
I am doing pretty good today! I am glad I am having a Pday after a pretty long, crazy week. This week was really good! Really, really busy but also really good. From Zone training to exchanges to finding goals and conference calls with the District leaders - we have been doing a lot!

It is way beautiful out there today. We are excited to go have some fun as a district - we are heading to a pretty cool park on a hill above Stuttgart called Killesberg. (Click here for more info and for some gorgeous photos of this park). I’m bringing my frisbee. Looks like the seasons are changing - plus my nose is starting to get stuffed. I guess allergies are a sign that spring is here, haha. We did get to play some basketball last week so that was fun, and there were about 8 of us or so. 

The Zone meeting went really well. It was way good and went really smoothly. We are focusing on finding people in the zone. We had great participation and everyone had really good ideas. We set a goal of 70 potentials last week, which means people who give us contact info and say they want to learn more. We ended up finding 108, which is double what the Zone found the week before. So we kind of smashed it. That was with an excellent Finding Day after Zone Training, where we found 45 of those 108 people. But yeah, we are all really excited about that! It was also good to work with some of the young guns in the mission. Our goal for this week is 90, and there won’t be a big Zone Finding Day, so I hope we can hit it and keep everyone motivated! We are sending out success stories every night as well, just to keep everyone optimistic!

But JW is doing pretty solid. We didn’t meet with him last week, but we have an appointment scheduled for this week. Hottest potential for baptism? I would say WG. I wasn’t there when they taught him this week but they showed him the Restoration video and he said, “Joseph Smith is just like me! He had the same questions I have.” So we are really excited about how he is doing. The Familie B came to church yesterday, so we had 4 investigators there! We also met with another Chinese guy named L, and he is pretty cool. He is Christian and wants to meet again when he comes back from India in 2 weeks. We met with a new lady named M. She is also way awesome. She has 2 kids and she asked us a lot of questions about our church. She seemed interested and promised she will read in the Book of Mormon, so we will see how that goes. 

Yeah, we had a lot of birthdays in the Zone this last week. We made the Sisters brownies and sang happy birthday. But besides that nothing too special - haha. Birthdays out here are kind of just like normal days.

Transfer day is April 9th. That means Transfer calls are the 4th, and Elder Sharp flies home the 10th. Yeah, I will be really sad to see him go. I hope I get another stud for a companion. If not it would be way hard! 

(In answer to Mom’s question about what Scriptures he is studying): I am starting to read Proverbs. I have been reading through the Old Testament in English, and I’m reading the Book of Mormon in German. At the moment I am reading in Mosiah. 

Sounds like a busy week! That will be good, spending time with the grandparents in Utah. I am sure they will love to see you all again! Ah man, I will for sure pray for Grandpa Ray. It sounds like he is pretty positive and confident that he can overcome whatever it is. That is really good! I've heard a lot of times that positivity really helps with cancer and other things. I will for sure keep him in my prayers.

Thanks for the great email! I would also say that I was blessed in the parent department! Have an amazing week! And thanks again for all you do!
Elder Ridd
Elder Ridd and Elder Sharp - good buddies! 
Elder Ridd and Elder Ward on exchange

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