Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter & General Conference Week - 3/30/15

Elder Ridd and Elder Sharp
Photo credit: JPC

Hey Mom and Dad!
I had a great week. Sunday was really good and we had 5 people at church, so that was really cool - the Family B, as well as a lady investigator named H. Our other investigator, KD, didn’t make it because he overslept and forgot to set an alarm - haha. (We also had a time change for Daylight Saving Time this week; we went forward an hour). But we are meeting with KD tomorrow! We had a good talk with him and he is doing well. All the investigators are doing really good! We still haven’t gotten to meet with JW...he’s hard to meet with. H is also doing well; she is a neighbor of Frau D. 

Not too much is happening today for Pday. Elder Sharp is going to buy some things that he wants to get before he goes home, and then we are hanging out. We have an eating appointment with the Stake President tonight, so that will also be a lot of fun. Yeah, the weather doesn’t look too hot today. Gray and rainy! Haha, oh well. 

This last week we had 2 District meetings and 2 exchanges. Those were pretty fun! This week we have 2 District meetings and 1 exchange. And of course we have transfer calls and General Conference. We also have a baptism for the sisters and eating appointments for Elder Sharp’s leaving, as well as planning for Zone Training next week. Plus we need to fit time for our investigators and work in-between all of that. Haha, but it will be good. It always works out somehow! I will find out in an email on Friday what happens to the Zone, then I get to call them on Saturday.  :)

But yeah, we have been both teaching and finding a lot of people. The Zone broke a record for finding this week, so that is awesome!

The most spiritual experience this week would have to be meeting with a new guy named Z. He is from Hungary and speaks good German. He told us a lot about his story. He explained that he recognizes God’s hand in his life and that he knows that we are both sent from God to teach him. It was a good first lesson and we will commit him to baptism next time we meet with him. 

Thanks for the great email! Love you tons and I will work my hardest out here for sure.
Elder Ridd

Onward and upward! 

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Lisa Henry said...

Best pictures ever! What a great companionship!