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"There's No Growth in the Comfort Zone" - 3/9/15

Elder Ridd and Elder Sharp with "C,"  a new friend who found the elders from the blog
JW's book!
JW is a Double Bodybuilding World Champion, Mr. Universe and 3rd place Mr. Olympia
JW's autograph and personal message to Elder Ridd!
Meine liebe Mutter and Pops!
My day so far has been really good. We basically prepared for our Zone Meeting this morning during studies. I'm glad all of you are doing well too. For Pday today we are gonna be playing some basketball outside on a chain hoop, so we are all excited about that.

This week was really good and really busy like all the other weeks. It is weird to see that we are already in week 3 of this transfer. The investigators are doing okay; we had a lot of less-active lessons this week. We didn’t get to meet a ton with the investigators, as we were in Munich from Thursday to Friday, and we also had Stake Conference all weekend. But they are doing well and we are keeping as much contact as we can. Yeah, it is really good to be busy. If we were not so busy, I would be just hanging around in the comfort zone, haha, and there is no growth in the comfort zone! 

That is awesome about Luke’s friend getting baptized on Saturday. She did it - yay! Sounds like it went great and Lukas slayed his talk! That is way cool. What a stud! That is also awesome about all the missionaries who came and also way cool that the Mission President came! Way good for Lukie as well, that he could see that process happen with a friend!

I worked with Elder Sardoni on the exchange this week. That was one of the best parts of the week for sure. He is way cool and we are really good buddies. He is in the same group as Elder Cavin, so he came out on the mission around 4½ months before I did. So that means that he only has 1½ transfers left before he heads home! He is currently the District Leader in Ludwigsburg, and he is just a great guy and missionary, so we had a lot of fun on exchange and found a lot of people as well. We had 3 lessons and found 5 people on the exchange, and that was actually our goal. We also went dooring a little bit (dooring = knocking on doors). If there is no one on the street to talk to, we will door. So I doored a tad bit on exchange with both Elder Sardoni and the member who was with us. That was a great experience!

We have our Zone Meeting tomorrow. We will be talking about various things - we have some business that we will go over with the Zone and we’ll also have some people share success stories and talk about Christ-like attributes. Also, Elder Sharp and I have put together a finding vision to unite our Zone and shoot for a number goal. We planned it all last night and this morning so we are excited for it. We will also be having a Finding Day in Stuttgart afterwards, so all the missionaries in the Zone will be staying here and finding for 2 hours. So we are pretty stoked!

We did meet with JW at Frau D’s home. And A. And B. Haha - we showed up and thought it was just going to be Frau D; turns out 3 of our other investigators were there! So we ended up teaching everyone at once, which was cool. I think it’s better when we can focus on one person at a time, but still it was a really funny experience. While visiting with JW this week, he signed his book. He wrote a very personal signature and signed it to my name – Mitchell! Haha, so that is awesome. W is also doing pretty good. We talked to him more about both the scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ in greater detail. He is progressing at his own pace. S showed up to Family Home Evening on Monday, and that was so cool! He is doing a ton better. No contact with G, sadly. I don’t know where he went off to. 

Stake Conference went really well. President Kohler spoke in the Saturday session, and he is an amazing speaker! The Presiding Authority was Elder Axel H. Leimer of the 3rd Quorum of the 70. It was a good meeting with a lot of people there. I also got to see a ton of people from Tübingen ward so that was awesome!

And - funny story about C. He met Elder Sharp in Klagenfurt, Austria, when he visited a missionary that had been transferred there from Stuttgart. They had a Pday together and then C came back here to Stuttgart, where he lives. So, it turns out that he sees two missionaries 2 days ago and he remembers all the good times he had with missionaries, and googles “missionaries in Stuttgart.” And then....he finds my blog. He sees Elder Sharp’s picture, and sees that we are serving together, takes the address and shows up at our house last night. We had a great conversation and he brought us pizza as well. So we ate pizza with him - haha. C wants to meet with us again. But yeah, he reads the blog now and knows a ton of all the stuff I have done on the mission. So that was a way funny story! 

Thanks for the great email! You are the best! I love you tons!
Elder Ridd
Marius Cyron (from Tübingen) and me
Sister Anders (from Tübingen) and me
Sleepover. The Ellwangen Elders slept over from Saturday to Sunday for
Stake Conference. That is Elder Mickelson in the Spiderman Suit.

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