Monday, March 2, 2015

Zone Logistics & "The Plague" - 3/2/15

Stuttgart Train Station - we spent the day here on Transfer Day
"An Army of Elders" - Mission Tour, 2/2015
photo credit: Shelley Bushman
Hey Mom and Dad!
I am doing really well today! This week was pretty good. And yeah, it was a pretty busy week. That will be the story of my life until I am done being a Zone Leader, haha. We had Transfer Day on Thursday, so I was at the train station in Stuttgart all day, making sure that all was flowing smoothly and people were making their trains. We got everyone where they were supposed to be on time, so that was awesome. Nobody missed a train!

I had a pretty humbling experience this week. Everything was going great and I was way excited to have some lessons on Saturday when I went to bed on Friday. Then out of nowhere I contracted the plague. And every 20 minutes the whole night I was sick. So that wasn’t fun, and on Saturday we had to rest the whole day and had to cancel all our lessons planned for the day. But of course I prayed really hard when I was sick that I would get better fast, and hey, I was able to go to church on Sunday and also eat! And now I feel like a million bucks, way better than I did before the sickness. (Meaning I appreciate health a ton more - haha ). So that was an interesting experience!

We met with a lot of people this week. Not as many as we wanted to, since a lot of people were busy - but that is okay, because this week we have every available minute planned.  We have MLC in Munich on Friday; we will be taking a train down there on Thursday. Then we have Stake Conference in Stuttgart on Saturday and Sunday. We will also be attending two different District Meetings this week and having an exchange this week. So yeah, it will be fun - haha. And of course we have to plan for my first Zone Meeting, which will be next week on Tuesday. Busy, busy, busy! 

We did have some brand new missionaries come into our Zone. We have 3 new ones - 2 elders and one sister. So that is pretty awesome as well. You gotta love the new guys! 

The investigators are doing well. We haven’t met with JW this week, but I did pick up his book. He said this next week he will be at Frau D’s when we are there, so we will teach them both, give Frau D a blessing, and I will have him autograph his book :) His girlfriend is taking the lessons as well. We didn’t get to meet with him this week, but we have had a lot of phone contact. Sometimes it is hard to get contact with him, but we will keep trying! And yeah, A and Frau D are friends. We met Frau D through A. We also met JW through A, as they are friends and they are both investigators. (A is still referring us to a lot of his friends so that is great!)

We are not sure what is going on with S; he hasn’t been in contact this week.  W is doing okay. He is kind of confused with the world – nothing the Gospel can’t fix!  We are trying to help him progress the best we can. JW’s baptismal date is actually in May and W’s date is in April. Elder Sharp might miss both their dates, as he goes home on April 10th. Sadly, we didn’t get to meet with GH this week. We are trying to get contact, but he is pretty busy with a job search. We are hoping he comes out tonight for Family Home Evening.

That is way cool about the lesson that you two taught from the New Testament. Glad the kids were well-behaved. And that is also amazing about Luke making it in at BYU! Good stuff! I am sure he is way excited. He actually sent me an email and he sounds pretty stoked about it. 

Dr. S is in China. He told me that last time I talked to him about 2 months ago. Since then I haven’t heard much. And nothing from the other two investigators back there in Tübingen. I am sure I will see Sister A at Stake conference this week in Stuttgart, and I can ask! Tübingen is only a 45 minute train ride from where we are.

That is cool about Luke’s friend getting baptized this Saturday. That will be awesome. 

Thanks for the amazing email! I hope that you have an excellent week! I love you all tons.
Elder Ridd

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Jinping Cai said...

Hey, Elder Elder Ridd,

habe zufällig dein Blog gefunden und die Bilder mit Elder Sharp gesehen, den ich vor zwei Jahren in Klagenfurt zusammen mit Elder Gunn getroffen habe. Ich wusste nicht, dass er gerade in Stuttgart ist und bald auch nach Hause geht. Wenn du meine Nachricht gesehen hast, kannst mich anrufen. 017672569490

viele Grüße