Monday, April 13, 2015

Mission = Experience. Growth. Repeat. 4/13/15

Elder Ridd, with the chick WG brought to their appointment
Elder Ridd and his new companion, Elder Ringger
Hey Mom and Dad!
I am doing well this week. It has been pretty busy - and a little stressful preparing for Zone training tomorrow. We've had a TON to prepare for it, but now we have the most of it prepared. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow. And yeah, it was also really hard to say goodbye to Elder Sharp. It is pretty cool that I have made some good friends from everywhere - places that you don’t even think of when you live in America, haha. This last transfer about 32 or so missionaries went home, so that was definitely crazy. But everything worked out fine; everyone arrived where they needed to be safely and with all their luggage as far as I know, so that is good! 

The new comp (Elder Ringger) is doing well. He is a great guy for sure. We are really good friends. He’s easy to get along with. E. Ringger was in Innsbruck before, which is like one of the coolest areas in the mission, and before that he was in Vienna. So this is his 3rd area now. He went to BYU before he came out and he is from Provo. He works hard. We have some solid things planned for this week, like tomorrow is Zone Training, then we will have a District Leader Meeting, then at night we will eat with our Ward Mission Leader. On Wednesday we have the first exchange of the transfer. We also have a ward service project on Saturday, where we will clean the church and then the Military Ward will barbeque for everyone. So that sounds fun! We will fill appointments in the remaining time.  

We did get to teach this week! So that was good. We taught WG….and it went okay. He brought along a baby chicken he found (to the lesson),which was interesting. We also taught a new 20-year old girl named C, and she also came to church on Sunday. We taught KD a few times, and we taught a few less-actives as well. The familie B doesn’t have a date yet, but I will call them tonight and make a date with them, haha. They were also in church on Sunday.

We had an eating appointment yesterday with the Bz family. I didn’t know them well before yesterday. But they are great and we ate soup and salad. It was really good! We also had several appointments last week - a few with D, WG, Frau D, C, S, A, and SB. 

We have been eating a lot of sandwiches, Muesli, and of course, eggs. But my favorite German foods are still Maultaschen and Spätzle, which I will have to get Elder Ringger to try this week, since he has only been in Austria until now. 

That is awesome about the missionaries coming home and reporting on their missions. That is so weird that both Malia and Michael H are back from their missions. That is awesome that they are both doing well and sounds like their missions were great. Which one sounds more Spanish? Haha.

That is awesome about the family you mentioned that just joined the church there in Texas! They read the Book of Mormon and then got baptized after reading it - that is such a cool conversion story! There is some good missionary work going on in The Woodlands right now - so awesome!

Yeah, I can’t believe how fast it is going. Especially that I am in transfer 13 out of 16 now. It is really weird to see all my mission friends going home. Everyone is younger than me now, haha. But I will definitely do my best out here and have all the experiences that I can. Thanks for being the best dad and hero ever. I love you so much and hope that you have an amazing week! Mom, I hope you have a wonderful week and know how much you mean to us kids! You are the die beste Mutter der Welt! I am so glad you’re my Mama! Have an amazing week!
Elder Ridd

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