Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Elder Bednar's Visit - "Hastening the Work." 4/27/15

Elder Bednar speaking to the Alpine German-Speaking Mission
Photo credit: A. Motto
Liebe Mutti & Pops!
The conference with Elder Bednar was spectacular. Elder Bednar is definitely called of God and he inspired me for sure. He just asks questions and makes you really think, and then you get ideas from the Spirit. I knew he was an Apostle, but if I didn’t before, I certainly would now. He is such a champ. It was a really neat meeting. We didn’t get to shake his hand, as he had to leave quickly to the next Mission Tour. But still it was amazing and the whole mission was there. We have Mission Leadership Council not this week, but next week. So we will be in Munich again next week.

This weekend was really good. We will get iPads, but not yet. Apple is having shipping problems with 650 iPads for the German missions. You would think they are used to such bulk orders, haha. We went on Friday night to Munich and stayed over with the whole mission in a hostel, so that was cool. We all stayed there, except for Munich Zone of course; they could just come in the morning. We traveled home on Saturday, and made it to church on Sunday. 

Investigators are doing well. We got to teach a few times, mostly our friend D. Cool news this week is that the whole B family will be baptized on the 16th of May - all 4 of them. So we are way excited about that! I didn’t get to see JW, because we ended up being stuck in Göppingen longer because of a train strike this last week. So we had to cancel, but this week we will hopefully visit with him! 

The B family was at church this Sunday! We didn’t teach; well, we helped teach but we didn’t lead it. A Ward Missionary does that. Elder Ringger gave a really good talk in church on humility and charity.

Elder Ringger is doing well. We know each other a lot better and we are doing a lot of exchanges. We only had one last week, in Göppingen, but for the rest of the transfer we have 2 per week, along with 2 district meetings. So it will be way busy but good. We exchange with the Assistants this week, and we already have solid lessons planned for that. 

This week we have a decent amount going on. We visit the Esslingen District tomorrow, then we have a few appointments. Then on Wednesday we have District meeting for us and then an exchange with Esslingen. I will get to work in Stuttgart with a Golden, Elder Walker, so that will be fun! On Thursday we exchange back, and then we exchange with the Assistants that day in Stuttgart. They will go back to Munich on Friday and then we will just have a normal weekend - haha. So it will be a really fast-paced week as usual.

The Zone is doing really great and we had an exchange with Göppingen. I worked with Elder Martinez here in Stuttgart. It went really well and I like him a ton. We had around 3 lessons and found a lot of people as well, so we had another successful exchange.  :)

I am also way excited to Skype you for Mother’s Day! That will be awesome. I have no idea what time I will Skype. I am sure it will be after my church but I don’t think it will be later than 7pm here. I will let you know when it gets closer. 

I actually got a sore throat and allergies this week, but I seem to be on the mend. I feel a lot better now and have a voice now so that is good. I love you too. Thanks for all that you do for us. I feel the blessings of having a home where the Gospel was taught every day. Thanks so much for that! I am so blessed with the family that God gave me! 
Love you tons,
Elder Ridd


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