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Transfer Week: Auf Wiedersehen, Mate - 4/6/15

Elder Ridd, Elder Sharp and their investigator-friend
(Photo credit: D. Freimann)
Some of the elders at General Conference, in Stuttgart. Elder Ridd is on the bench;
Elder Wilkins is posing for the camera.
(Photo credit: D. Friemann)
The Pforzheim elders, Killpack and Bates; Elder Harvey, Elder Sharp and Elder Ridd
View of Stuttgart
Hey Mama and Pops!
I had a great week! I hope you did as well. My Easter was really good. I loved General Conference! It is always amazing and inspiring. We got to watch all day Saturday, including the Priesthood session, and also the Sunday morning session. 

The new comp is....Elder Ringger! I am way excited, but of course at the same time sad that Elder Sharp is headed out. I kinda know Elder Ringger from his first day in the field, as well as from Salzburg Zone. He was Elder Wilkins' MTC comp. He is a cool kid and I am excited to work with him! There are a few areas getting shut down in the Zone, so we are down-sizing a bit, but besides that it was pretty normal transfer calls. Oh yeah, 7 missionaries from the Zone are headed home so that’s pretty crazy. The Zone just got a lot younger - haha. I think there are around 15 goldens coming into the mission, but I am not sure. We are getting 2 new ones to join the ranks of our Zone! But yeah, I am staying put. 

I will stay here in Stuttgart for transfers. Haha, I don’t leave for transfers unless I am leaving, Mama. I need to organize everything here so everyone makes trains and so that no one gets lost. 

Elder Sharp is feeling good, yeah. It doesn’t really sink in until you leave, but he is happy that he gave it his all out here and that he can now start a new phase in life. We have been having a decent amount of eating appointments. We have a few today as well as in the next few days while he is still here. There are a few things that he would still like to get but we did find the most of what he needed last week. 

Sounds like a good week. We have also been doing a lot of cleaning and de-cluttering here. This apartment is a pretty hard one to keep clean, as almost every week we have a lot of elders sleeping over and coming in and out, but we are working on keeping it as clean as we can, haha. Sometimes it is hard!

That is cool that the boys are headed to the temple! That will be fun. I haven’t been to the temple in forever!

The weather here this last week was pretty dang rainy. I was on exchange in Ellwangen with Elder Georgiev and the weather was really, really bad there. Really windy and rainy – haha - and let me tell you that is the worst combination! But we survived. 

All the investigators are doing well. For Easter we basically just watched conference and we went to the Sisters' baptism! So that was really good. Conference was really great and we had a lot of investigators come: WG and his girlfriend, KD, and the whole B family. And a miracle the Familie B hasn’t really been progressing tons, because they were content with their other baptism (in a different church), but after General Conference they went up to a member and told him that they want to be baptized now. So we are going to set a date with them this week for the 4 of them to be baptized! So that was amazing!

We didn’t have enough time to meet with even half of the investigators this week, because we were just so busy with other things we had to do. It is kind of hard to actually do work in our area as Zone Leaders, but it is awesome that we have such a large teaching pool and are seeing a ton of success even though we are so busy with other things.

We actually have Zone Training on April 14th. President Kohler sent us a text and changed it, so I will have it with Elder Ringger on his first Tuesday here. We’ll have to organize everything really, really fast. 

I liked Elder Holland’s talk the best. He is just such a good speaker and his talks are always interesting and attention-grabbing. I knew you'd like his as well, Mama.  :)
Click here to listen to Elder Ridd's (and his mom's) favorite inspirational talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Thanks for the great email! I miss you too, but no worries, I’ll be back before you know it! I love you tons. Have an excellent week and we will be writing each other next Monday in no time!

You are the best. Love you!
Elder Ridd
Last week we ate Korean food with the sisters' investigator, S, who got baptized yesterday. 
Elder Sharp and I pretending to drive a member's car
Weird statue we found in Stuttgart
Random concert in the middle of Stuttgart. There were a few of these going on that day.

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