Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hallo München! (Hello Munich!) - 5/25/15

Elder Ridd & Elder Dewey with members of the bishopric of the Munich ward.
Photo credit: J. Sneddon
Stuttgart District Photo
Hey Mama & Pops!
My week has been really, really good. Getting used to the new stuff, but it is going great. I really like being an Assistant. We get to do some cool stuff and see everything from a different light. Elder Dewey and I are already great friends. He is a way cool guy and we are excited we get to be here together. Elder Dewey played rugby too, like Elder Sharp. We do have a car; it is a pretty big van called an Opel Combo. It is pretty sweet to have wheels again. Days really vary. Sometimes we have a lot to do as APs, but we also have our own proselyting area so we are doing a ton of work in Munich. Last week was transfer week, and those are always way busy. So of course on Thursday we were at the train station the whole day making sure everyone made it out. We also had some appointments in the evening. 

To answer Mom’s questions - you can just send things to the Mission Office. I am there daily and they will always get the mail sent here. (That is the Lommelstrasse 7 address). I am in the Munich 2nd ward, with the Kohlers and the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Arnold and Sister Abram. We do not go to the office every morning, but we are usually there sometime in the day. The new ward is really cool! On Sunday, the ward got a new bishop. The ward isn’t as big as the Stuttgart ward, but it has around 80 or 100 people on Sunday. It is a pretty good size.

On Friday we got to drive some missionaries who were going home to the airport and help them get through security. After we watched them do that, it was just the Kohlers and us, and they bought us some food which we ate at the airport. It is way awesome getting to know them better and being around them more. 

We were able to work in our own area on Saturday. We are working with some really cool people. One guy's name is C and he is planning on getting baptized on June 7th. He is from Sierra Leone and is a really cool guy - so we are really excited about that. He has already been taught all the lessons; he just needs an interview and he is good to go. 

That is awesome that a teacher at The Woodlands was baptized! Alright! We must have some pretty good missionaries there. That’s good that Clara is doing better now. That is amazing about Grandpop! Great to hear that he is doing better. 

This Thursday and Friday we will drive to Bern, Switzerland and do an exchange, plus visit the temple while we are there. We will also help some missionaries “find” in Basel, and come back and overnight in a really pretty area of Austria on the border of Lichtenstein. Thanks for the amazing email. I love you two. I don’t think I need anything really, thanks though. Thanks for all you do and have an excellent week!
Elder Ridd
Our old ward mission leader & me, in Stuttgart 
SB and Elder Ridd - Stuttgart
Elder Ringger & Elder Ridd

Monday, May 18, 2015

What a Week! 4 Baptisms, Transfer to Munich, A Humbling New Challenge - 5/18/15

Quote of the Day: 
"I am happy when it rains, because if I am not happy it still rains."
-Bavarian actor/writer/comedian Karl Valentin
The B family on their baptism day! What an amazing day.

We ate African food called Fufu with the B family after church on Sunday.  
It was way good!
Cool palace in Ludwigsburg
Elder Wilkins and Elder Ridd
Mama and Pops!
I am doing well. I have had a really good week, topped off with 5 baptisms on Saturday. That was awesome to see the B family and also P get baptized! They were so excited and the program went really great. They all were confirmed as well. A ton of people showed up to support them; it was almost the whole ward, so that was really cool. It was also Ward Conference on Sunday, so there were a lot of people there to see them get confirmed. So everything worked out well. (The B kids are ages 12 and 10).

Transfer calls went well. We had an unexpected one, as I will be leaving to Munich to work with Elder Dewey as the new Assistant to President Kohler...so that was pretty crazy! But I am pretty excited! It will be a great experience for sure. I want to learn all I can, as fast as I can. Elder Ringger will be getting Elder Hunt for his companion; I do not know him very well, but I have heard he is a total stud, and only around a year on the mission. So there will be two young guns here in Stuttgart. They will do really well together. And yeah, there are a lot of people getting transferred. We call every companionship, even if they aren’t being transferred. Elder Plumb will be working with Elder Pingle as a new secretary. So we will be in the same District again; haha, I am way stoked!

Zone training went really well. Somehow we always seem to go overtime, so sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to talk too much about goals. It is one of my favorite topics for sure. The finding day was good, and the exchanges also went really well! I worked with Elder Sardoni in Ludwigsburg on Tuesday and it was really sweet. He is an awesome missionary and he will be headed home this week. So that will be sad! 

I also worked with Elder Wilkins on Thursday and it was way good to work with him again. He is doing good, and actually will be getting transferred to Vienna on Thursday, so that will be cool! 

That is great about Luke having an interview to get the Melchizedek Priesthood! Man, he is getting old. But yeah, I helped with the confirmations. KD was also at the baptism and at church. And SB, the less-active, came to both as well. So that has been cool to see success with less-actives as well as with investigators. 

Thanks for the great email! Sounds like you had a good week. I love you tons and am thankful for all that you do for me!
Elder Ridd

Note from Elder Ridd regarding the following photos: 
"We're not allowed to wear Leder outside. We can only wear it inside."
"We went to the other Elders' place and ate Schnitzel with them to celebrate the baptism.
And of course we wore Leder."
Elder Harvey and Elder Ridd
Elders Ridd & Harvey
Elder Albrecht and Elder Ridd.
"We were in Ludwigsburg on Exchange, and I brought my Leder to wear at night - haha.
So we had a Leder photo shoot." 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype - 5/11/15

Ulmer Münster - The biggest Church steeple in the world (Ulm, Germany) 
Inside the Ulmer Münster 
Statue of the Lady Bayern in Munich.
Right in front of her is where Oktoberfest takes place.
Elder Ridd & Elder Plumb - Great friends!
Photo credit: J. Plumb
Skyping was way good. It is crazy that that was the last time. It was awesome to talk to you as well. Hahaha - that is funny about what Dad said - “Some of us were crying afterward; 3 guesses who!” It was for sure good to see you all and hear your voices. You all looked great! But yeah, the time really does go really fast. It is pretty crazy!  Before you know it I’ll be home and you will want me gone - haha. 

The senior missionary couple, the Boses, are awesome. (The Boses had the missionaries over to Skype their families, which was so nice!). I am not exactly sure where they are from - woops. America - haha. And yeah, they are the new couple. The other missionary couple is the Zauggs. They are also nice. We ate Sloppy Joes and had root beer, so we had an awesome little American party. 

I am glad that the boys spoiled you for Mother’s Day! Good stuff. I am glad that they can when I am not there. I hope you had an amazing day and know how much we appreciate you.

Yeah, for sure about the busy part. I love being busy. It is really cool because I look back at the week and am like “Woahhhh, we did a lot in only a week,” and it is a good feeling of accomplishment. And yeah, I have been prioritizing a ton. I am trying my best to get everything done, especially with God's help. I will be happy when this week goes smoothly, with the baptisms, transfer calls, Zone training and two exchanges. It will be a ton of fun. 

It will be interesting to see about transfers, but I am thinking I will be staying. There are a lot of cool people that we are starting to teach that I am almost positive will be baptized. So I would love to stay and see more success here in Stuttgart. This place is booming. And yeah, Elder Harvey and I are way good friends. He has been my District Leader here in Stuttgart for the last 3 transfers, so we are pretty tight now. And he hasn't been to college yet. (Note from TR - we got to meet Elder Harvey during our Skype session yesterday!).

Thanks for the compliment about the German. Yeah, I am still working on it; you can always get better. Lately I haven’t been having a ton of time to do language study because we have so many other things to do. I need to get better at that.

I am way excited for the baptisms this week. I am hoping that all will run smoothly! I am sure it will. The B family comes from the Ivory Coast in Africa.

Thanks for the good wishes with the Zone Training. It is the whole Zone, not just DLs. We will have a finding day after the meeting.

Thanks for the great email and being the best Mama (and Pops) in the world! I love you tons. I hope that you have a wonderful and a peaceful week! 
Love you,
Elder Ridd
Our final Skype session with Elder Ridd!
(He completes his 2-year mission on September 18th, 2015)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Real Men Wear Lederhosen - 5/4/15

Elder Ridd, in his new Lederhosen!
Elder Ridd and Elder Bates
Elder Ridd and Elder Walker, on exchange
"Aladdin pants"- with Elder Martinez (on exchange)
This week was really good! A lot has happened in my life this last week. On Tuesday we had a District Meeting in Esslingen, and that went well. The next day we had our District Meeting in Stuttgart, and then exchanged with Esslingen. I worked with Elder Walker and that was a ton of fun. He is in his first transfer so it was really cool to work with him. His German is excellent; it is hard to believe he is new on the mission. We had a lot of appointments fall out, but we got to find a ton of people. We set personal records for amount of people found in one day! So that was really good! We also made some sweet appointments. The next day we exchanged back, and right after went on exchange with the Assistants. They came to Stuttgart so we got to work in our area, which is always nice. We loaded up with appointments. I was with Elder Packer on exchange, and we had a ton of fun. He has been Assistant for 5 transfers now. It was a really good exchange. 

The B family is still scheduled for baptism on the 16th of May. They will for sure make it. We taught them every lesson now, and we actually already had their baptismal interview and all is a go. So we are way excited about that! Not every day that a family of 4 gets baptized here, not even every year in the mission! That day there will be 5 baptisms: 4 convert and one non-convert. The little girl being baptized, P, asked me to baptize her! Bishop will be baptizing the B family. So, really cool news! It has been an answer to my prayers that the B family is getting baptized. Prayer works wonders! 

The B family came to church on Sunday, as well as our friend, KD. We had 3 less-actives we are working with who also attended meetings, so that is amazing. One of them brought a non-member friend with him too.

I did buy my Lederhosen. Pics will come; they are sweeeet! The shirt fits me perfectly as well, so I am really happy with the buy. Every night I have been changing into them and then doing calls and planning - haha. 

Sadly, I don’t have any pics of Elder Bednar. We were asked to not photograph him - or approach him weirdly. (Haha, it was really funny).

This next week will also be pretty busy...two more exchanges and Mission Leadership Council, so Elder Ringger and I will be headed to Munich. Today we are not doing too much. We will be getting inspected this week, so we need to do some cleaning. It is hard when a ton of missionaries sleep over (because of exchanges with the Zone Leaders).

I love you too! Thanks for the great email! You are the best! I cannot believe that it is already time to Skype again. Man, time flies. 
Elder Ridd

Ferris Wheel Selfie! Elders Ringger, Wilkins and me 
(note from TR: not sure who Elder #3 is!)
"You know I rode that ride!"
Elder Martinez