Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hallo München! (Hello Munich!) - 5/25/15

Elder Ridd & Elder Dewey with members of the bishopric of the Munich ward.
Photo credit: J. Sneddon
Stuttgart District Photo
Hey Mama & Pops!
My week has been really, really good. Getting used to the new stuff, but it is going great. I really like being an Assistant. We get to do some cool stuff and see everything from a different light. Elder Dewey and I are already great friends. He is a way cool guy and we are excited we get to be here together. Elder Dewey played rugby too, like Elder Sharp. We do have a car; it is a pretty big van called an Opel Combo. It is pretty sweet to have wheels again. Days really vary. Sometimes we have a lot to do as APs, but we also have our own proselyting area so we are doing a ton of work in Munich. Last week was transfer week, and those are always way busy. So of course on Thursday we were at the train station the whole day making sure everyone made it out. We also had some appointments in the evening. 

To answer Mom’s questions - you can just send things to the Mission Office. I am there daily and they will always get the mail sent here. (That is the Lommelstrasse 7 address). I am in the Munich 2nd ward, with the Kohlers and the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Arnold and Sister Abram. We do not go to the office every morning, but we are usually there sometime in the day. The new ward is really cool! On Sunday, the ward got a new bishop. The ward isn’t as big as the Stuttgart ward, but it has around 80 or 100 people on Sunday. It is a pretty good size.

On Friday we got to drive some missionaries who were going home to the airport and help them get through security. After we watched them do that, it was just the Kohlers and us, and they bought us some food which we ate at the airport. It is way awesome getting to know them better and being around them more. 

We were able to work in our own area on Saturday. We are working with some really cool people. One guy's name is C and he is planning on getting baptized on June 7th. He is from Sierra Leone and is a really cool guy - so we are really excited about that. He has already been taught all the lessons; he just needs an interview and he is good to go. 

That is awesome that a teacher at The Woodlands was baptized! Alright! We must have some pretty good missionaries there. That’s good that Clara is doing better now. That is amazing about Grandpop! Great to hear that he is doing better. 

This Thursday and Friday we will drive to Bern, Switzerland and do an exchange, plus visit the temple while we are there. We will also help some missionaries “find” in Basel, and come back and overnight in a really pretty area of Austria on the border of Lichtenstein. Thanks for the amazing email. I love you two. I don’t think I need anything really, thanks though. Thanks for all you do and have an excellent week!
Elder Ridd
Our old ward mission leader & me, in Stuttgart 
SB and Elder Ridd - Stuttgart
Elder Ringger & Elder Ridd

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