Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype - 5/11/15

Ulmer Münster - The biggest Church steeple in the world (Ulm, Germany) 
Inside the Ulmer Münster 
Statue of the Lady Bayern in Munich.
Right in front of her is where Oktoberfest takes place.
Elder Ridd & Elder Plumb - Great friends!
Photo credit: J. Plumb
Skyping was way good. It is crazy that that was the last time. It was awesome to talk to you as well. Hahaha - that is funny about what Dad said - “Some of us were crying afterward; 3 guesses who!” It was for sure good to see you all and hear your voices. You all looked great! But yeah, the time really does go really fast. It is pretty crazy!  Before you know it I’ll be home and you will want me gone - haha. 

The senior missionary couple, the Boses, are awesome. (The Boses had the missionaries over to Skype their families, which was so nice!). I am not exactly sure where they are from - woops. America - haha. And yeah, they are the new couple. The other missionary couple is the Zauggs. They are also nice. We ate Sloppy Joes and had root beer, so we had an awesome little American party. 

I am glad that the boys spoiled you for Mother’s Day! Good stuff. I am glad that they can when I am not there. I hope you had an amazing day and know how much we appreciate you.

Yeah, for sure about the busy part. I love being busy. It is really cool because I look back at the week and am like “Woahhhh, we did a lot in only a week,” and it is a good feeling of accomplishment. And yeah, I have been prioritizing a ton. I am trying my best to get everything done, especially with God's help. I will be happy when this week goes smoothly, with the baptisms, transfer calls, Zone training and two exchanges. It will be a ton of fun. 

It will be interesting to see about transfers, but I am thinking I will be staying. There are a lot of cool people that we are starting to teach that I am almost positive will be baptized. So I would love to stay and see more success here in Stuttgart. This place is booming. And yeah, Elder Harvey and I are way good friends. He has been my District Leader here in Stuttgart for the last 3 transfers, so we are pretty tight now. And he hasn't been to college yet. (Note from TR - we got to meet Elder Harvey during our Skype session yesterday!).

Thanks for the compliment about the German. Yeah, I am still working on it; you can always get better. Lately I haven’t been having a ton of time to do language study because we have so many other things to do. I need to get better at that.

I am way excited for the baptisms this week. I am hoping that all will run smoothly! I am sure it will. The B family comes from the Ivory Coast in Africa.

Thanks for the good wishes with the Zone Training. It is the whole Zone, not just DLs. We will have a finding day after the meeting.

Thanks for the great email and being the best Mama (and Pops) in the world! I love you tons. I hope that you have a wonderful and a peaceful week! 
Love you,
Elder Ridd
Our final Skype session with Elder Ridd!
(He completes his 2-year mission on September 18th, 2015)

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