Monday, May 18, 2015

What a Week! 4 Baptisms, Transfer to Munich, A Humbling New Challenge - 5/18/15

Quote of the Day: 
"I am happy when it rains, because if I am not happy it still rains."
-Bavarian actor/writer/comedian Karl Valentin
The B family on their baptism day! What an amazing day.

We ate African food called Fufu with the B family after church on Sunday.  
It was way good!
Cool palace in Ludwigsburg
Elder Wilkins and Elder Ridd
Mama and Pops!
I am doing well. I have had a really good week, topped off with 5 baptisms on Saturday. That was awesome to see the B family and also P get baptized! They were so excited and the program went really great. They all were confirmed as well. A ton of people showed up to support them; it was almost the whole ward, so that was really cool. It was also Ward Conference on Sunday, so there were a lot of people there to see them get confirmed. So everything worked out well. (The B kids are ages 12 and 10).

Transfer calls went well. We had an unexpected one, as I will be leaving to Munich to work with Elder Dewey as the new Assistant to President that was pretty crazy! But I am pretty excited! It will be a great experience for sure. I want to learn all I can, as fast as I can. Elder Ringger will be getting Elder Hunt for his companion; I do not know him very well, but I have heard he is a total stud, and only around a year on the mission. So there will be two young guns here in Stuttgart. They will do really well together. And yeah, there are a lot of people getting transferred. We call every companionship, even if they aren’t being transferred. Elder Plumb will be working with Elder Pingle as a new secretary. So we will be in the same District again; haha, I am way stoked!

Zone training went really well. Somehow we always seem to go overtime, so sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to talk too much about goals. It is one of my favorite topics for sure. The finding day was good, and the exchanges also went really well! I worked with Elder Sardoni in Ludwigsburg on Tuesday and it was really sweet. He is an awesome missionary and he will be headed home this week. So that will be sad! 

I also worked with Elder Wilkins on Thursday and it was way good to work with him again. He is doing good, and actually will be getting transferred to Vienna on Thursday, so that will be cool! 

That is great about Luke having an interview to get the Melchizedek Priesthood! Man, he is getting old. But yeah, I helped with the confirmations. KD was also at the baptism and at church. And SB, the less-active, came to both as well. So that has been cool to see success with less-actives as well as with investigators. 

Thanks for the great email! Sounds like you had a good week. I love you tons and am thankful for all that you do for me!
Elder Ridd

Note from Elder Ridd regarding the following photos: 
"We're not allowed to wear Leder outside. We can only wear it inside."
"We went to the other Elders' place and ate Schnitzel with them to celebrate the baptism.
And of course we wore Leder."
Elder Harvey and Elder Ridd
Elders Ridd & Harvey
Elder Albrecht and Elder Ridd.
"We were in Ludwigsburg on Exchange, and I brought my Leder to wear at night - haha.
So we had a Leder photo shoot." 

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