Monday, June 22, 2015

"No Parking on Market Days" - 6/22/15

Good Morning, Mom and Dad!

Hope you both have had an excellent week. Mine has been pretty good. It is weird how fast the weeks fly by, but yet how much you can pack into one - haha. It's going really good though and we are excited for another transfer here together. (Yes, Mom, we are staying) :)

Let's see - what happened this week. On Monday we took the numbers from the Zone Leaders and wrote up our reports, and then we met with President Kohler to finalize transfer calls. Right after that we printed up the new transfer sheet and met with the office staff about them. We basically go through the list and read off what is happening and they take notes about where people are moving and what will be necessary so that they can stay in the country and so forth. They also need to get tickets for it all, so it isn't an easy job. In the evening we met with the G family and talked about the Plan of Salvation. They are a part-member family and two of the kids will be getting baptized soon (one is 8 the other is 9), so that is exciting. The lesson went really well! The dad also isn't a member but he has been participating a lot so we hope he feels something. On Tuesday evening, we visited Brother X in the hospital. He is doing great and we are excited about his progress once again.

Wednesday was our Zone Conference and the missionaries in Munich zone all got their iPads. So now officially the whole mission has iPads. Pretty crazy! We were there for the meeting but we didn't really need to be there, while it was basically about iPads. It was still cool to see everyone and hear training from Sister Kohler on The Book of Mormon! It was really great. She talked about how if we read The Book of Mormon every day that we would never ever fall away from the church. So true! After, we went and grabbed a quick lunch at Subway and went back to the church to meet Stuttgart zone as they arrived. It was cool to say hi and see them all again. We left as their meeting began and headed to a few appointments. We met with F and talked about church and the importance of it. After, we met with another less-active named M, and also talked about church (he talks a ton about random topics - haha). And in the evening we met with M, J and J. They are doing great; we shared a video with them and also ate waffles.

Thursday is where our road trip began. In the morning we met with K and that went okay. He is good, but we are probably going to give him to the International elders to teach. After that, we went over to Salzburg and exchanged with the Zone Leaders there. I was with Elder Mourik, and Elder Dewey worked with Elder Oviatt. It was a really good exchange, and we met with a good amount of people and found many interested people as well. We drove the elders to Neumarkt afterwards so that they could do a baptismal interview for HY - yeah, same the HY that I taught! He will be getting baptized on Tuesday, so that is really cool! I got to talk to him and he sounds like he is doing great and he’s excited for his baptism. After we were there we headed down to Klagenfurt (which is in the Austrian alps), where we stayed the night.

So here is the towing story. We woke up on Saturday and were going to go put some stuff in the car, and as we walked outside we noticed a marketplace where our car had been So of course we were like “Oh no!”  We ended up asking someone what company towed our car and figured that out, then walked to the church and googled the company. We gave them a call and asked them how much it was, and they said 300€. We walked there and paid it and picked up the car is the long story short. We felt really ripped off, because the only sign where we parked was "No Parking on Market Days." It didn't say which days were Market Days, and there were a ton of cars there when we parked for the night. So we told the towing lady and she said “Oh yeah, it doesn't say the days you can't park there; you kind of just have to know.” So that was that and we had to bite the bullet, dang it. But we still were able to do some finding in Klagenfurt and worked with two of the Goldens there. We took them to the middle of the city and went finding for the remainder of the time we had. It was really good and we found a lot of people. I got to work with Elder Chillcut, who is going into his 3rd transfer now. But it was a good time, and afterwards we headed back to Munich. Transfer calls also went out on Saturday.

On the way back we met with C and then took him on a joint teach, teaching some new people. That was really cool, especially because C has just been baptized. He is a stud!

On Sunday we woke up early, had ward council and church, and then after we ate with the W family. They are a really cool American family, so that is always fun! And now it's Monday! We have had a great week and are excited to have transfers this upcoming one. Today we will have to be at staff meeting and also have an eating appointment tonite, at Bishop Gerke’s house. So we won't have a big Pday, but we will figure out something that we can do.

Have an amazing time in Europe! Sounds like a good trip you have planned. I am sure Luke is excited. I'll try and shoot some pics and individual emails over. Have a great week!
Elder Ridd

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