Monday, June 1, 2015

Swiss Temple Visit - 6/1/15

At the Bern Switzerland LDS Temple
Chur, Switzerland
Somewhere between Chur, Switzerland and Liechtenstein 
Chur, Switzerland 
Hey Mom and Dad!
My week has been really good. Yeah, it has been pretty busy but also really cool. Basel was a great place. There are a ton of international people there; a lot of people that don’t speak German. But it was still cool and we found some really good people. Bern and the temple were also great. Going to the temple again was a really good experience. We did get to teach some people this week. C is preparing for his baptism on Sunday, so we taught him as well as some other people. We were gone for awhile so we didn’t have a ton of time in our area, but we will have more time this week which we are way happy about. Church was good. It was Stake Conference and we had one guy there we are teaching named J. 

Tomorrow we are heading down to Wien (Vienna, Austria). It will be another long trip. We will start heading to Graz and help them there with a little finding, and then we will head up to Wien and do an exchange with the Zone leaders there. So we are also really excited for that. We are actually going to start talking about transfers a bit with President Kohler today so that will be interesting.

The weather looks good; it seems pretty clear and sunny. Sounds like the weather was awfully crazy in The Woodlands this last week. Poor Jack, haha, I can only imagine how he handled the storms. That poor dog. We have had a little bit of rain but nothing too bad - definitely not The Woodlands status. The weather has been warming up a lot and I have gotten quite the missionary forearm tan. Haha, it is pretty funny.

Yeah that is really sad about Elder L. Tom Perry’s passing. We also thought the same, that some of the other ones would head out before Perry. I wonder who the next Apostle will be.

I bet the boys are excited for the last bit of school. I know Lukas is probably so stoked that he is done with high school. It is a really weird feeling, that's for sure. 

Thanks for the great email. I always love to hear from you and see how you all are doing.
Love you tons!
Elder Ridd 
Chur, Switzerland
Liechtenstein - pretty neat little place!


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