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Transfers & New Goldens - 6/29/15

Zugspitze - the tallest mountain in Germany
On the way up to Zugspitze
At the top, with the Bayern sign! 
Zugspitze with random statue - yes, it was cold! 
Elder Dewey and Elder Ridd at Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein Castle
Hey Mama and Daddio,

This week has been really good. Another really busy week doing some pretty cool things! We didn't have a P-day last Monday, because we had staff meeting and other appointments, so we took our P-day on Tuesday. On Tuesday after we had district meeting, Elder Dewey and I headed down to a place called Garmisch. It is a really southern part in our area almost bordering Austria, where all the German Alps are located. We went to a mountain called Zugspitze, which is the tallest mountain in Germany, where we were able to take a cable car up it. It was a pretty cool experience, but sadly it was a little cloudy at the top, so when the clouds went away we quick took pictures as fast as we could - haha. It was a pretty fun P-day, that's for sure.

The fun of transfers began on Wednesday. The new missionaries (or the goldens) arrived at the airport in Munich and we were able to pick them up with the Kohlers. It was a really fun experience to see missionaries start their missions, and it was kind of a blast from the past. This transfer, only 5 new missionaries came in, 3 of them being sisters. It was nice to have a small group, as we got to know them pretty well individually. After we threw their luggage into the van, Elder Dewey and I were privileged to take the train, contacting on the way to the office - a tradition that has been around for a long time in this mission. So I took the sisters, and Elder Dewey took the elders, and we separated in the train. I briefed the sisters and then told them to sit with someone and spark up a conversation, and they did great! Meanwhile I had my own conversations nearby, which were really good - we were able to find a lot of people. When we arrived at the office, we ate lunch and then they were briefed a little bit by some of the office couples and the missionary nurse, and then they went through iPad setup. When that was finally finished, it was time for Elder Dewey and I to do a little training, but everything else took so long we were only able to go over the mission map really quick, and then head to the mission home for dinner with the Kohlers. There we ate pizza, and afterwards President Kohler assigned the goldens to their trainers and their areas. We then had a testimony meeting. We were all able to bear our testimonies, and then we took the goldens to the hostel for the night. It was a really cool day!

We woke up on Thursday and got ready for the day, and then headed to the hostel to pick up the goldens and walk them over to the church, where they would receive further training from President. They were instructed more on how to be a missionary, and than it was off to the Munich Bahnhof (train station) to get them all to their areas. It was pretty cool to have a role bringing the new missionaries in, as well as having a big part in transfer day. We then helped with all the trains and made sure everyone got to where they needed to go. It was a pretty good day! After all the commotion at Bahnhof was finished, we helped get the missionaries finishing their missions to the church with their luggage. There were around 15 missionaries finishing, most having served in Switzerland. It was also pretty interesting to see how everything happens with them on the last night of the mission. We don't do as much with the “dying missionaries” as we do with the goldens.

But on Friday we were not supposed to help with dropping the dying missionaries off at the airport, as the office elders had it covered, but we received a call saying that we needed to get Sister Metzig to her train home. We went and picked her up, drove her to Bahnhof and got her on her train to her home in Hannover. So we did end up helping a little bit with the missionaries going home. After, we visited Brother X in the clinic and he is doing really well. He actually gets out of the clinic today.

That's the main stuff that has happened this week! We are heading off to Neuschwanstein for P-day. Thanks for the great emails!

Love you,
Elder Ridd

Elder Ridd and Elder Johnson
Another castle you can see from Neuschwanstein

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