Monday, July 27, 2015

No Voice! 7/27/15

Luzern, Switzerland
Hey Mom and Dad!

This week was a good one. I'll give you an overview of what happened this week.

On Monday we really didn't do much besides shop and email. We kind of got a rest day so I guess that was good. We had been doing a lot of cool things on the last few Pdays, so not too big of a disappointment.

We had district meeting on Tuesday! It has been awhile since we've made it to district meeting, so it was cool that we were able to make it this week. We had a part on area books, so we presented that as well. Afterwards, we started our journey to Pforzheim, which is not too far off from Stuttgart. We headed there to help them out with finding a bit, before we exchanged with the Stuttgart zone leaders. I worked with Elder Bates in Pforzheim and we had a blast. We were good friends when we were in the zone, so it was good to work with him again. We also ended up finding a lot of people that they can start teaching. It was a pretty successful little visit. We stayed the night there as well.

On Wednesday I woke up and felt really sick. I had a sore throat, popped and hurting ears, a stuffy nose and no voice. So that's always fun, haha. We studied in Pforzheim, then headed off to Stuttgart and worked with the zone leaders there, Elder Hunt and Elder Ringger. I worked with Elder Ringger, although I was pretty much dying, haha. It was pretty hard for me to speak German with half a voice, but we made it work. We ended up being on the street in the city center, talking to people the whole time, but I survived and we found a ton of people there as well! Also a miracle.

We finished our exchange on Thursday and headed back to Munich. My voice was still partially gone, but I was feeling a bit better. I had some painkillers in me, so that helped. When we arrived in Munich, we got ready for our missionary correlation meeting but it fell out - so we went over to President’s and worked on the transfers a bit with him. Sister Kohler also gave us some food to eat.  :)  It was a fun time, even without a voice, haha.

On Friday we went on exchange with the Munich zone leaders. Elder Dickson worked with Elder Dewey in our area, and I worked with Elder Croft in his area. It was a really great exchange, and I had a lot of fun with Elder Croft. He is a way cool guy and a great missionary. He is from Salt Lake City, and one of his best friends is James Parkin (a nephew of Dave Parkin's), so that's kinda cool! But it was a really good exchange, where we taught a few lessons and found a ton of people as well.

Saturday we exchanged back, and then met with a new lady we found in our phone named H. It was an interesting lesson, and we weren't sure she gets it all, so we are not sure how much we will end up meeting with her. Her neighbor was also over, and she asked a lot of questions so there may be some potential there! We will see. Afterwards we went down and met with C; he is doing really good. He might be moving to Munich, which would be really good for him - more work opportunities and easier to get to church. So we will see how that pans out.

Sunday was also pretty good. We went to church; nothing eventful really happened. In Sacrament meeting we had a lot of talks on charity, and then we were asked last minute to give a Primary lesson on Priesthood and Priesthood keys to the 6-7 year olds. That was interesting; I don't know how well they can really grasp the concept of Priesthood keys at that age, but hey! Why not?! It was actually pretty good. We then had Priesthood meeting, and I translated for C. The lesson was about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Also a great lesson.

But yeah, the week was really good! We have another really busy one planned, with transfers being finalized tomorrow morning, staff meeting, an exchange in Wien, transfer calls, and a few other things. We will actually be taking our Pday on Saturday.

Anyways, thanks for everything. I love you so much. Pretty crazy that my last transfer starts next week. Dang, time flies!

I love you tons thanks so much for all you do! Have a great week!

Elder Ridd

Monday, July 20, 2015

Teaching via Skype - 7/20/15

Luzernnnn! Way pretty. You will love it when we tour around together.
More Luzern!
Elder Ridd in Luzern, Switzerland
Hey Dad & Mom! 

This week was good! And of course, adventurous! Things have been great in the mission. This week we were in Zürich, CH for their Zone Meeting, which was a really good experience. The Zone isn’t way big there, but it was a solid meeting. Afterwards, we headed down to Luzern to do some finding there, as they needed a little finding push, and we found a good amount of people in a few hours. We then slept overnight with the Elders there. In the morning we headed to Zürich to exchange with the Zone Leaders there. I worked with Elder Timm, from Hamburg, Germany. He is an awesome missionary and is really cool, and is doing good things with the Zone! We ended up finding a lot of people on our exchange. After, we headed to Stuttgart and were at their Zone Training. We will be heading back to Stuttgart tomorrow to exchange with the Zone Leaders. We will find with Pforzheim for the night and then on Wednesday head down to my hometown of Stuttgart and exchange. I will be with my old companion, Elder Ringger! That will be cool to work with him again. Then we drive back on Thursday. Always on the road! Haha. So we are already pretty busy. We will also work with President on the transfers sometime later this week. Fun stuff!  

Brother X is still doing great. It's excellent to see his progress!

We had a pretty cool experience this week. We went by to see this less-active member, and he said that his family in Iran wanted to ask us a few questions over Skype. So we answered their questions and at the end they were like, “Where can we get baptised!?” We told them the closest place was probably Turkey, and they said they were willing to do it. So we might be teaching them at their relative’s place over Skype, preparing them for baptism. That was so awesome! 

That is cool that you are all in Midway together and that you get to see Grandma and Grandpop.  That is interesting how Pioneer Day is such a big day in Utah. There is such a Mormon culture there, haha, it's so different from the rest of the world. But that is also pretty neat that Dad got to see some old friends in Grandma's ward, including his old stake president.

Looks like an interesting week for the weather. I am feeling really good though and the package was great. Thanks so much; you're the best! I love everything in it. The toys you put in there were funny. But no, I cannot believe how fast the weeks go. Unbelievable. 

Random fact: I am liking the sport Rugby a lot recently! I keep playing and getting companions who love it (Elder Sharp - Australian and Elder Dewey - English). So that’s cool. Maybe I’ll go out for the Utah team. 

Not sure what is going on for Pday; nothing really crazy planned. We will decide transfers before the end of the week, so that will be interesting to see who my last companion is! Thanks for all you do. I love you tons!

Elder Ridd
Luzern, Switzerland

Monday, July 13, 2015

BMWs & Berries - 7/13/15

Rheinfalls, in Schaffhausen, CH (Switzerland)
One of my personal favorites, the X6 M series. Those things are sweeet!
BMW World
Hey Mama and Daddio!

This week has been another good one! Man, I don't ever know where to start. I guess Monday would be best, haha. Well, on Monday we emailed, did the weekly reports, and when we were done we headed to BMW World. It was really cool! Dad would have loved it - haha. There is a really cool BMW SUV these days – the X6 M series. It’s really, really awesome; it looks kind of like a Batmobile. I am sure Dad’s seen it. It's like Elder Dewey's and my new favorite car. But yeah, that was a fun time for sure. The rest of Monday we got haircuts and went finding. It was a pretty cool Pday! Today we are going to go raspberry picking with a member of the ward and the sisters, so that will also be pretty cool!  I love my berries.

On Tuesday we headed down to Singen to do an exchange with the Freiburg zone leaders. We were at their district meeting, and then I went on exchange with Elder Jenson, and Elder Dewey went on exchange with Elder Caldwell (my former companion). It was pretty weird because all of those guys except for me go home this transfer, and old missionaries are pretty rare in the mission now, so we had a pretty old group there. We had a good exchange and at the end I was at Institute and I saw Ann-S from Schwenningen there as well, which was really cool. We got to chat a bit and catch up which was fun.  After Institute, it was time for bed and we stayed overnight in Singen.

The next morning we headed off and went to Schaffhausen -  another blast from the past! It’s in Switzerland, where we used to have district meetings every week when I was in Schwenningen. We went finding there, as they have been needing some help, and we found a good amount of interested people. It was a ton of fun, and we saw the Rheinfalls, which are pretty famous waterfalls in Switzerland. After, we headed back to Munich. We also went by the G family, taught the kids the 10 Commandments and ate some pretty good food, so that was cool.

We had the first part of mission leadership council on Thursday, and it was good. We watched a devotional from an MTC by Elder Nelson on the Book of Mormon. It was really great. It was interesting to recognize that he is now President Nelson and no longer Elder Nelson. We got to spend the night in the hostel this time, and we stayed in the same room with some zone leaders so that was nice.

On Friday we had the main part of the MLC. It was excellent; we talked a lot about effectiveness. Elder Dewey and I had an hour to talk about finding and what we have found to be effective, what's not effective, and such. It was good, and there was a lot of participation so that was great. We actually went overtime as well, whoops. But it was a good training and we got a lot of outstanding feedback. It is also really cool to see everyone. After our part, President talked a lot about effective time usage and showed how efficient planning really helps our success throughout the week. It was all in all a great meeting.

We did some finding on Saturday morning and found some cool people, and then we went to our ward mission leader’s place for a barbecue. He invited almost the whole neighborhood, so that was really cool that we got to meet them all and they got to talk to missionaries a bit. We didn't really teach the Gospel but we had a good talk. Afterwards we went and taught C, and that went well. He should be getting the Priesthood pretty soon, so we are excited about that.

On Sunday we went to church, and sadly the G family didn't show up. But it was still a good church service. Both C and Brother X were there, so that was cool to see some progress. Brother X is still doing well – that’s so awesome! We are hoping he keeps it up. We went by a referral as well and they were there. We met with them and it was interesting. The lady is German but speaks Persian, and the guy speaks broken German and Persian, and they have interest so we will keep meeting with them. It was a good week for sure!

Thanks for everything! You're amazing! Have a great week!

Elder Ridd
I was on exchange in Singen, and saw Ann-S, from Schwenningen at Institute

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Heat is On - 7/6/15

Thun, Switzerland. The water there is really nice, and 
the Alps are all around the city.
Cool Swiss building in Thun
Thun, Switzerland (south of Bern) 
Hey Mama and Pops!
This week has been pretty good. And yeah, we really didn’t get to celebrate Independence Day. That is funny that Hayden wore an England flag on his shirt for the 4th of July. Elder Dewey liked that - haha. This last week we traveled to Bern, Switzerland, so I got to go to the temple again. We had a really good exchange there and found a lot of people. I got to work with Elder Vascicek, from Slovakia, and he is a pretty hard worker so that was good. So we enjoyed our time there working with the Zone Leaders. We also had another exchange, in Munich. The Zone Leaders in Winterthur, Switzerland came up to us and we got to work with them for a day. It was also a really good exchange and I got to work with Elder Rozan. He’s from Spain and speaks 5 languages. That was also a really good exchange, so we still have been pretty busy. 

We did get to do some regular work, but no one’s really ready for baptism at the moment. We are working with some people who have a lot of potential, however. 

Bruder X is doing great. He has been strong and was in Church again. He actually was able to go to the temple this last week and do baptisms there, so he is on a spiritual high at the moment and hanging in there. We are really proud of him. 

Church was good and the ward is okay, too. We taught the Sharing Time lessons in Primary again. We have been doing that a lot but I really like it. So that has been a lot of fun. Sounds like a pretty good fast and testimony meeting. That is cool that all over the world, on the 1st Sunday, members are bearing their testimonies about Jesus Christ. That’s a lot of power!

But yeah, it has been another jam-packed week. I think its safe to say that every week will be very busy, haha. Not any real big plans for Pday. I think I will be getting a haircut. I think we'll also be heading to BMW World, so that will be really cool. We have 2 more exchanges lined up for this week and MLC as well.

Looks like a nice (hot) week. Yeah, this last week has been wayyyyy hot as well. The weather has been pretty brutal without A/C. But we are surviving. My arms are getting way dark, haha. We will be in Singen tomorrow, so we will see how it is there. There is no A/C except in our car, so it is pretty nice that we have one. 

That will be cool that Hayden is heading to San Antonio for EFY. I am sure he will have a ball there and enjoy it with Brett. That will be a cool experience meeting some more Mormons around Texas. 

That is crazy about Lukie and mission papers. Exciting! 

I am still getting workouts in. I got a little cold last week where I didn’t get them in every morning, but I am back at it and feeling good. Thanks for the great email! I hope you have a great week! 
Love you,
Elder Ridd