Monday, July 27, 2015

No Voice! 7/27/15

Luzern, Switzerland
Hey Mom and Dad!

This week was a good one. I'll give you an overview of what happened this week.

On Monday we really didn't do much besides shop and email. We kind of got a rest day so I guess that was good. We had been doing a lot of cool things on the last few Pdays, so not too big of a disappointment.

We had district meeting on Tuesday! It has been awhile since we've made it to district meeting, so it was cool that we were able to make it this week. We had a part on area books, so we presented that as well. Afterwards, we started our journey to Pforzheim, which is not too far off from Stuttgart. We headed there to help them out with finding a bit, before we exchanged with the Stuttgart zone leaders. I worked with Elder Bates in Pforzheim and we had a blast. We were good friends when we were in the zone, so it was good to work with him again. We also ended up finding a lot of people that they can start teaching. It was a pretty successful little visit. We stayed the night there as well.

On Wednesday I woke up and felt really sick. I had a sore throat, popped and hurting ears, a stuffy nose and no voice. So that's always fun, haha. We studied in Pforzheim, then headed off to Stuttgart and worked with the zone leaders there, Elder Hunt and Elder Ringger. I worked with Elder Ringger, although I was pretty much dying, haha. It was pretty hard for me to speak German with half a voice, but we made it work. We ended up being on the street in the city center, talking to people the whole time, but I survived and we found a ton of people there as well! Also a miracle.

We finished our exchange on Thursday and headed back to Munich. My voice was still partially gone, but I was feeling a bit better. I had some painkillers in me, so that helped. When we arrived in Munich, we got ready for our missionary correlation meeting but it fell out - so we went over to President’s and worked on the transfers a bit with him. Sister Kohler also gave us some food to eat.  :)  It was a fun time, even without a voice, haha.

On Friday we went on exchange with the Munich zone leaders. Elder Dickson worked with Elder Dewey in our area, and I worked with Elder Croft in his area. It was a really great exchange, and I had a lot of fun with Elder Croft. He is a way cool guy and a great missionary. He is from Salt Lake City, and one of his best friends is James Parkin (a nephew of Dave Parkin's), so that's kinda cool! But it was a really good exchange, where we taught a few lessons and found a ton of people as well.

Saturday we exchanged back, and then met with a new lady we found in our phone named H. It was an interesting lesson, and we weren't sure she gets it all, so we are not sure how much we will end up meeting with her. Her neighbor was also over, and she asked a lot of questions so there may be some potential there! We will see. Afterwards we went down and met with C; he is doing really good. He might be moving to Munich, which would be really good for him - more work opportunities and easier to get to church. So we will see how that pans out.

Sunday was also pretty good. We went to church; nothing eventful really happened. In Sacrament meeting we had a lot of talks on charity, and then we were asked last minute to give a Primary lesson on Priesthood and Priesthood keys to the 6-7 year olds. That was interesting; I don't know how well they can really grasp the concept of Priesthood keys at that age, but hey! Why not?! It was actually pretty good. We then had Priesthood meeting, and I translated for C. The lesson was about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Also a great lesson.

But yeah, the week was really good! We have another really busy one planned, with transfers being finalized tomorrow morning, staff meeting, an exchange in Wien, transfer calls, and a few other things. We will actually be taking our Pday on Saturday.

Anyways, thanks for everything. I love you so much. Pretty crazy that my last transfer starts next week. Dang, time flies!

I love you tons thanks so much for all you do! Have a great week!

Elder Ridd

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