Monday, July 20, 2015

Teaching via Skype - 7/20/15

Luzernnnn! Way pretty. You will love it when we tour around together.
More Luzern!
Elder Ridd in Luzern, Switzerland
Hey Dad & Mom! 

This week was good! And of course, adventurous! Things have been great in the mission. This week we were in Zürich, CH for their Zone Meeting, which was a really good experience. The Zone isn’t way big there, but it was a solid meeting. Afterwards, we headed down to Luzern to do some finding there, as they needed a little finding push, and we found a good amount of people in a few hours. We then slept overnight with the Elders there. In the morning we headed to Zürich to exchange with the Zone Leaders there. I worked with Elder Timm, from Hamburg, Germany. He is an awesome missionary and is really cool, and is doing good things with the Zone! We ended up finding a lot of people on our exchange. After, we headed to Stuttgart and were at their Zone Training. We will be heading back to Stuttgart tomorrow to exchange with the Zone Leaders. We will find with Pforzheim for the night and then on Wednesday head down to my hometown of Stuttgart and exchange. I will be with my old companion, Elder Ringger! That will be cool to work with him again. Then we drive back on Thursday. Always on the road! Haha. So we are already pretty busy. We will also work with President on the transfers sometime later this week. Fun stuff!  

Brother X is still doing great. It's excellent to see his progress!

We had a pretty cool experience this week. We went by to see this less-active member, and he said that his family in Iran wanted to ask us a few questions over Skype. So we answered their questions and at the end they were like, “Where can we get baptised!?” We told them the closest place was probably Turkey, and they said they were willing to do it. So we might be teaching them at their relative’s place over Skype, preparing them for baptism. That was so awesome! 

That is cool that you are all in Midway together and that you get to see Grandma and Grandpop.  That is interesting how Pioneer Day is such a big day in Utah. There is such a Mormon culture there, haha, it's so different from the rest of the world. But that is also pretty neat that Dad got to see some old friends in Grandma's ward, including his old stake president.

Looks like an interesting week for the weather. I am feeling really good though and the package was great. Thanks so much; you're the best! I love everything in it. The toys you put in there were funny. But no, I cannot believe how fast the weeks go. Unbelievable. 

Random fact: I am liking the sport Rugby a lot recently! I keep playing and getting companions who love it (Elder Sharp - Australian and Elder Dewey - English). So that’s cool. Maybe I’ll go out for the Utah team. 

Not sure what is going on for Pday; nothing really crazy planned. We will decide transfers before the end of the week, so that will be interesting to see who my last companion is! Thanks for all you do. I love you tons!

Elder Ridd
Luzern, Switzerland

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