Monday, July 6, 2015

The Heat is On - 7/6/15

Thun, Switzerland. The water there is really nice, and 
the Alps are all around the city.
Cool Swiss building in Thun
Thun, Switzerland (south of Bern) 
Hey Mama and Pops!
This week has been pretty good. And yeah, we really didn’t get to celebrate Independence Day. That is funny that Hayden wore an England flag on his shirt for the 4th of July. Elder Dewey liked that - haha. This last week we traveled to Bern, Switzerland, so I got to go to the temple again. We had a really good exchange there and found a lot of people. I got to work with Elder Vascicek, from Slovakia, and he is a pretty hard worker so that was good. So we enjoyed our time there working with the Zone Leaders. We also had another exchange, in Munich. The Zone Leaders in Winterthur, Switzerland came up to us and we got to work with them for a day. It was also a really good exchange and I got to work with Elder Rozan. He’s from Spain and speaks 5 languages. That was also a really good exchange, so we still have been pretty busy. 

We did get to do some regular work, but no one’s really ready for baptism at the moment. We are working with some people who have a lot of potential, however. 

Bruder X is doing great. He has been strong and was in Church again. He actually was able to go to the temple this last week and do baptisms there, so he is on a spiritual high at the moment and hanging in there. We are really proud of him. 

Church was good and the ward is okay, too. We taught the Sharing Time lessons in Primary again. We have been doing that a lot but I really like it. So that has been a lot of fun. Sounds like a pretty good fast and testimony meeting. That is cool that all over the world, on the 1st Sunday, members are bearing their testimonies about Jesus Christ. That’s a lot of power!

But yeah, it has been another jam-packed week. I think its safe to say that every week will be very busy, haha. Not any real big plans for Pday. I think I will be getting a haircut. I think we'll also be heading to BMW World, so that will be really cool. We have 2 more exchanges lined up for this week and MLC as well.

Looks like a nice (hot) week. Yeah, this last week has been wayyyyy hot as well. The weather has been pretty brutal without A/C. But we are surviving. My arms are getting way dark, haha. We will be in Singen tomorrow, so we will see how it is there. There is no A/C except in our car, so it is pretty nice that we have one. 

That will be cool that Hayden is heading to San Antonio for EFY. I am sure he will have a ball there and enjoy it with Brett. That will be a cool experience meeting some more Mormons around Texas. 

That is crazy about Lukie and mission papers. Exciting! 

I am still getting workouts in. I got a little cold last week where I didn’t get them in every morning, but I am back at it and feeling good. Thanks for the great email! I hope you have a great week! 
Love you,
Elder Ridd

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