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Broken Finger! 8/3/15

Innsbruck, Austria - Elder Ridd and Elder Dewey
Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck and the famous Golden Roof
Cloudy Innsbruck
Hey Mama and Daddio,

This week has been pretty crazy! A lot has been packed into a few days, which is always fun. Kind of weird with my last changes coming up this week. (Note from Mom – Elder Ridd completes his mission on the next transfer, September 18th!). But here we go - I'll start with Monday.

Monday was probably the least eventful day this week. We emailed, finalized transfers and did some finding. So we really didn't have a Pday. But it was okay because we saved it for Saturday!

On Tuesday we had district meeting. Elder Dewey and I talked about relying on the Spirit, so that was fun. Afterwards we ate with the district, and then Elder Dewey and I headed out for our journey to Wien (Vienna, Austria). We arrived that evening and slept over with the ZLs, Elder Ward and Elder Albrecht, and then started our exchange the next day.

We started our exchange on Wednesday; Elder Ward and I worked together. It was really cool, because I had worked with him when I was in Stuttgart when he was a district leader. So we were across the mission, working together in a different country. It was a good exchange and we did a lot of finding. We did end up finding a decent amount of people so it turned out good. That evening, Elder Albrecht was hitting his year mark and they reserved us an awesome dinner in something called the Donauturm, which is a spinning tower in Wien, overlooking the city. It was wayyyy awesome. So that was something cool for sure!

On Thursday we headed to Innsbruck, Austria to work with Elder Killpack and Elder Erickson. We got there around 3 and worked with them the whole evening. That was also cool, getting to work with Elder Killpack again; he was also in Stuttgart. We found some really cool people that they can potentially teach! So that was also a success.

Brixen, Italy
In front of a big church in Brixen
We went down to Brixen, Italy on Friday and did some finding there. It wasn't too far from Innsbruck, so we had an excuse to head down there, haha. We found a lot of really cool people there as well! And of course we got some Italian ice cream, so that was also cool! We headed back after that, and had an eating appointment with MJ and J, and ate foo foo. It was really great; I like African food, haha.

On Saturday morning I woke up and went to do our normal sport, rugby. I jammed my finger on the ball near the beginning and realized it was out of place and backwards, so we headed to the hospital and found out it was broken. So we headed to another place that deals with hands and there they gave me some massive needles in my finger to numb it. Pretty crazy – biggest and baddest needles I've ever seen, haha. But than the doctor set my finger, which includes him yanking on it until it looks right again. I couldn't feel it at all because he gave me those elephant tranquilizers before, so that was good. But then he wrapped it up, said something about “possible operation” and said to call and make an appointment for next week. So yeah, we will see what happens this week if I find time for an appointment. Anyways, after that fiasco we went to the park for our Pday with a family in the ward. It was fun.
Rugby injury - broken finger 
Poor Elder Ridd and his broken pinky finger
We went to church on Sunday, which was good, and afterwards met with Bruder K. He is doing great! We are way excited about that. We also went over to the Sneddons for dinner and had a great time with them. It is really fun to go over there as they have a bunch of kids and are American, haha, so that was amazing. We got a call from a cool guy who wanted to meet while we were there and we ended up meeting him that night. His name is T. He is a 26 year-old German who is a good guy and is going through a hard time right now. He talked with missionaries years ago and remembered to call us. We had a great lesson with him, and he wants to learn more and feel comfort in life, so we are really excited to meet further with him. So that was an awesome miracle this week!

Oh yeah, Saturday was also transfer calls, and I get Elder Rozan (from Spain)! He is a great missionary and cool guy, so I'm excited. Big changes! This week we've got transfers! So we will bring the goldens in on Wednesday, transfers on Thursday, and drop off the dying ones on  Friday. Pretty intense! Lots of change coming my way this week, it'll
be good though. I feel ready, so we will see how it goes!

That was my week! I hope you're doing well! Love you tons and hope you have a great week!

Elder Ridd

Donauturm in Vienna, Austria
Elder Ward and Elder Ridd at the tower (Donauturm)
View from Donauturm
View of Wien. The tower rotated so we got all sides as well!

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