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Schloss Nymphenburg - 8/24/15

Schloss Nymphenburg -
We visited this castle in Munich for P-day today
Elder Rozan and Elder Ridd
Schloss Nymphenburg

Hey Mom and Dad!
Hope you are doing great! This week has been another great one, as well as another fast one. I can’t believe it’s Monday again. But Mondays are always good so I can’t complain!

Last Monday we went to Allianz Arena, where the Munich football (soccer) team plays. It was pretty cool. We took a little tour of it and checked it out. It’s one of those things that I guess you have to see if you are in Munich, as they are one of the best teams in the world (if not the best!). It was pretty fun, even though I’m not a huge football fan, haha.

On Tuesday we had zone training, so we were able to see the whole Munich zone and watch that meeting. It was really good. The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon and flooding the earth with it. We all committed to trying to always have a Book of Mormon in our hand when we are heading anywhere, which is one of my favorite methods of finding people. So that will be good! After zone training we started our travels! This week we had to head down to Graz, Austria to drop the elders there a washing machine. So we headed down to Graz and gave them a washing machine, as well as spent the night. We had a good time down there, and got the washing machine up to the top floor of the apartment without an elevator. Haha. Fun stuff.

We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders in Wien (Vienna) on Wednesday, so we headed up to Wien from Graz. I worked with Elder Dallin Albrecht, who is one of my really good buddies. He was in Stuttgart zone when I was there; he’s really cool and a great missionary. It was a really good exchange and we were able to teach a few people. Yeah, it was a really good exchange.

On Thursday we finished the exchange and then we picked up the office elders, who were also on a mission in Wien. They had driven down there that morning to drop off a car to sell it, so they needed a ride back, and that was us! So we picked them up from the outskirts of Wien and headed back for our trip. We got hungry through the trip, so of course the only logical thing to do is stop in Salzburg and get something to eat, haha. It was a really good road trip, kinda rainy but we made it okay.

We were back in Munich on Friday! We were supposed to have inspections, but then it got re-scheduled. So instead we went and met with K, and he is doing well. We have been trying to give him over to the international elders for a long time now, we just need to do it. It’s hard because K is the kind of guy that makes spontaneous appointments, and the other guys are usually busy when we talk to him, but he’s good. He really wants to get baptized so we will see when that happens. We also tried to go by on Bruder X, without success.

On Saturday we went down to C’s, because he had some friends he wanted us to teach. He’s so awesome. So we went over to a friend of his and he was having a big party. So we met his friends, but then left, because drunk people partying doesn’t always invite the Spirit – but we will go by again when they are sober. C is awesome. He was calling his friends in front of us and asking them if we could come by and share the word of God for 30 minutes. It was so cool to see him do missionary work like that. Afterwards we went by KI’s and taught one of his friends there. It was really cool, and C bore really great testimony!

Church was really good on Sunday. C talked to the bishop about the Priesthood, which was great. He may get it next Sunday. We taught the Primary (children’s group) about the Sacrament. There were two missionary homecoming talks, so that was also cool. After, we went home, ate and then headed to a city to work. We met with a new German guy who is pretty old and smart/crazy. His name is Herr H. He has some interesting views, haha. But yeah, that was basically the week! It was a good one and we are excited for another one.

This next week we are heading down to Salzburg! So we are excited to work with the Zone Leaders there.

Thanks for all you do! I love you tons.

Elder Ridd

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