Monday, August 10, 2015

The Final Transfer! 8/10/15

Elder Rozan and Elder Ridd at Starnberg See, which is in their area (Munich, Germany)

Hey family!

Hope you’ve had a solid week. Mine has been another great one. Lots of change and being pretty busy as usual! Well, I’m officially in my last transfer of the mission (FYI from Mom - this means Elder Ridd has only 6 weeks left on the mission, but who's counting? Haha!).  That’s weird to say, and of course it hasn’t sunken in yet. I won’t really let it sink in until the last few days. Mission life is pretty weird and a lot of the time it feels like it never ends. But now, having sent home two companions, I guess it does come to a close. But I’ve still got a good stretch to go, so I’m excited for the remaining adventures and work to be done.

This week on Monday, we had Elder Dewey’s last Pday. We had staff meeting in the middle of the day, so we did not get to do much. We ended up walking around Olympia Park, where the Olympics were held here awhile back. It was pretty cool, and we also went and grabbed some ice cream. Afterwards, we had an eating appointment with Sister D, Bruder X and the sisters. It was good! At the beginning of the week we had quite a few eating appointments.

On Tuesday morning we set up the trainer conference call at the office, which consists of us making sure everyone is connected that needs to be and then President training the new trainers. That went really well! It’s always exciting to hear the trainers and then the next day to meet their Goldens and see the differences, and all the excitement. Later that day we had the last District meeting of the transfer, and following that we were invited to go to a garden with some older members of the ward. After, I finally stopped by the doctor’s for my ear and got some medicine. It’s starting to feel a lot better. In the evening we had another eating appointment with two of the sisters’ investigators, T and T. It was also way good and we had some chili and some wraps.

The transfer really started on Wednesday. Golden pickup day! So in the morning we hopped on the train and headed down to the airport to meet the Goldens as they came out of their gate. It’s one of my favorite things to do, because I remember how it was for me. It’s pretty weird showing up in Germany after hearing about the mission for the last 6 weeks in the MTC, trying to learn whatever German possible. But it’s always fun to see them, and then tell them that we are going to go train contacting on the way to the office. This group consisted of 6 sisters and 1 elder - all of which are from America, which was cool (because they needed to learn German). Last transfer all of the Goldens already spoke German, so they weren’t as nervous in the train. But this group did really good in the train, especially with the language barrier. So we were proud of them! They all talked to people and a few gave out Books of Mormon. We then got to the office, ate some lunch, all the Goldens got their iPads, we did some training on the mission, and then it was already dinnertime and we headed over to the mission home. We had pizza for dinner, and after we had a testimony meeting where they found out where and with whom they would be working. That’s always a highlight as well. After, we headed home and prepared for the transfer day. (Elder Dewey still needed to start packing).

We had transfers on Thursday. We had some training with the Goldens first, and then went to the train station. There I picked up Elder Rozan and left Elder Dewey. Elder Rozan and I were at the station for awhile, and then in the evening we went finding. We found a lot of people, so that was really good. We also had a few appointments fall out. (Random facts about Elder Rozan, from Elder Ridd: Elder Rozan is great; he's an amazing missionary and we get along really good. He's from Spain, has a master's degree in Engineering, speaks 5 languages and is 25 years old).

On Friday we were able to go to the airport and say goodbye to all the missionaries heading home. It was cool to say bye to Elder Dewey and everyone else again. It was a weird feeling, knowing that next transfer I’d be in their shoes, kind of (as Mom and Dad will be here - haha). But yeah, that was good, and then we did some planning for the transfer. We set up a lot of exchanges, and also talked about everyone that we are working with here in the area. We will actually be exchanging in Bern, Switzerland tomorrow, so that will be cool.

We did a lot of work in our area on Saturday. We visited a less-active, and then went into town to find. We went by on ME and he was there, so we met with him and his family. We then went over to see Bruder X, and sadly he is struggling. Oh well, I guess we all start over again, right? He also had a friend there and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and will start meeting with him as well. So it was a good day, minus Bruder X and his health.

Sunday was also good. We had church, ate lunch, and went to visit C. Sadly, he wasn’t there, so we taught another guy who lives at his place named MD. It was good.

And that was the week. We are heading off to Bern today, so that will be fun. I will also get a haircut. I’m pretty excited for a great week, with lots of adventure.

Thanks so much for all you do! Love you so much!

Elder Ridd

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