Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life Moves Pretty Fast! 8/31/15

We're visiting Schloss Linderhof today for Pday
Schloss Linderhof
Schloss Linderhof (Linderhof Palace)
Hey Mom and Dad!
This week has been another good one, and of course a fast one. We have had some really cool experiences and have been meeting a lot of awesome people.

Well, I’ll start off with last Monday. Monday was our Pday, and it was a fun one. We went to Nymphenburg, as you know, and it was a really good time. It is a really big castle that was owned by the same king (King Ludwig II of Bavaria) who owned Neuschwanstein and Linderhof. It was a really good Pday and we got some great pictures. 

We had District meeting on Tuesday. Elder Rozan and I were given the topic to talk about using the Book of Mormon to answer the questions of the soul. So we talked a little about that and did some activities on finding different passages that help us to do so. The focus in the mission right now is the Book of Mormon, so we talked a lot about that in District meeting. Afterwards we went down to Klagenfurt to do some finding and to work with the elders there. I worked with Elder McKendrick and we found a lot of cool people. It was pretty rainy and nasty weather, but we were still able to find some awesome people with interest, so that was good.

On Wednesday we drove to Salzburg and did our exchange there with the Zone Leaders. I worked with Elder Mourick. It was also a good exchange – we had a few lessons and a member appointment. The members there are really, really cool. Another thing that was great was the weather while we were in Salzburg. It was cool, with blue skies and a little sun, so it was a lot better than Klagenfurt the day beforehand.

We finished the exchange on Thursday. Elder Rozan and I went and found some more people in Salzburg and then we headed on the road to Ingolstadt, which is in Munich’s zone. We headed there and did some finding with the missionaries there. I worked with Elder Harvey, which is always fun. He was in Stuttgart International the whole time I was there, so we had a good time as well as found some people. Ingolstadt is a pretty cool city. It’s also where the Audi headquarters are located. It ended up being another good experience. Afterwards we drove back to Munich and slept at our place.

On Friday we were able to work in our area. We did our studies and then headed off to do some finding. We went finding in the areas where M.E. lives, and found a lot more people. We actually had a few spontaneous lessons as well. We taught a kid from Greece named K about the Book of Mormon, and we gave him one in Greek. He is really cool and we are going to go by again this week and teach him. We also were let in by another guy, and we explained the Book of Mormon to him and also explained what we do as missionaries. He said that we should also come back and talk to his brother as well, so that was incredibly cool. After we did some finding, we headed down to Brother X’s place. He was there this time and let us in. We had a good lesson with him. He has been struggling to understand some scriptures and we talked a lot about them. We also shared some motivational quotes that can help him overcome his problems. It went really well. We hope it helps him!

We had a great day on Saturday. We got in contact with MO again, and met with him in the morning before he headed off to work. His schedule has been very busy, so it’s hard to get him back to church. We had a good chat, and he met Elder Rozan. After, we had lunch and then met up with President about MLC this next week – for the little time he has been in town this transfer. He is currently doing interviews, so he has been going everywhere in the mission. I don’t know how he does it; President is a workhorse. We had a good chat and discussed what we wanted to talk about at MLC, and took a look at the upcoming weeks of both his and our schedules. We kind of planned out when we need to do what. Right after this, he headed back out on the road for Wien, where he will be until mid-week. After we met with him, we traveled down to see C, who had talked to more friends about the Gospel, so we headed over to them and taught them. These friends were really cool – their names are C, L and M. C and M are from Sierra Leone, like C, and M is from Nigeria. We had a good lesson and committed them all to baptism. C is a great missionary! After, we headed to K’s and taught the guys there. We also taught a new guy named G, who is super cool. His German is great and he makes and repairs boats for his job. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and made an appointment for next week as well. Another really good day!

On Sunday, we had church! It was a good service, and the coolest thing probably is that C got the Aaronic Priesthood afterwards. He’s doing amazing. We also had an eating appointment at the Sommers family. C was also invited so that was a really cool experience. They are a really great family, and really mission-oriented. Their son just returned from his mission last week, from the France Lyon mission, and he is really great and wants to keep doing missionary work. After, we helped the sisters out by being a joint teach. We taught a guy named S from Mali. It was also a pretty good lesson. He speaks English and French, so Elder Rozan could help a lot with his French there.

And that was basically the week! It was another good one for sure, and we have another busy one planned with an exchange in Stuttgart. MLC and transfers will be finalized Monday. Keeping busy, haha. We are heading to Linderhof Palace today (Schoss Linderhof).  

Anyways, thanks for all you do. Hope you’ve had a great week! Love you tons and see you in a few weeks!
Elder Ridd 

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